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Empower Yourself with Cutting-Edge Tools that Keep You in Tune with the Craft and Trends Driving Today’s Hits

Hit Songs Deconstructed offers a trove of cutting-edge interactive tools, data and analysis that keep you in tune with the songwriting and production techniques driving today’s hits.

What People Are Saying About Hit Songs Deconstructed

Our mission is to provide you with tools to help you give you an edge for success in today's rapidly evolving musical landscape.

Songwriters, composers, engineers, and producers are utilizing Hit Songs Deconstructed to:

  • Hone their craft by studying proven current hits.
  • Continually update their toolbox with the latest writing and production techniques being used in today’s hits as they become available.
  • Understand WHY today’s hits connect with such a wide audience.
  • Gain insight into how to successfully channel unique creativity into commercially viable songs.
  • Develop an instinctual approach to writing songs for mainstream success.
  • Make more targeted pitches to music libraries and production houses who are looking for current sounding music and/or sound-alike’s for spots.
  • Give themselves an edge in a very competitive music industry.

Music industry professionals, such as publishers, labels, music libraries, production houses are using Hit Songs Deconstructed to:

  • Make informed decisions in a fast-paced musical landscape.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by spotting current, evolving, and waning trends.
  • Supplement sales, streaming, engagement, and radio airplay data with insight into the compositional trends behind those numbers.
  • Gain insight into what current hit songs have in common – and what is setting them apart.
  • Identify the key ingredients that are making current chart-topping songs “tick.”
  • Improve communication between creative executives / A&R’s and writers.
  • Quantify gut feelings for hit songwriting trends with factual data.
  • Benchmark new songs and artists against those with a proven track record.