A Searchable Database of Songwriting Techniques

  • Select the songwriting technique you are looking for
  • Use additional filters such as date range, peak chart position, artist, songwriter and more to fine-tune your search
  • Choose a particular song that uses the technique to study
  • Techniques analyses include a detailed explanation of the technique, visualizations, and direct links to the sections of the song where the technique is being used so that you can hear it in action

A Searchable Database of Songwriting Techniques

Fuel your inspiration with the techniques that helped today’s most successful songs become global hits!

Want to maximize the impact of your hooks? Or looking for examples of sub-genre fusion techniques? Or ways to incorporate audience participation moments into your song?

Then look no further! Updated on a monthly basis, this interactive searchable database houses hundreds of the most effective techniques used in Hot 100 Top 10 hits.

Techniques categories include:

  • Hook Techniques 
  • Vocal Melody Techniques 
  • Intro Techniques 
  • Outro Techniques 
  • “D” (Departure) Section Techniques 
  • Prosody Techniques 
  • S.I.A. (Section Impact Accentuator) Techniques 
  • Rhyme Techniques 
  • Genre and Influence Fusion Techniques 
  • And more!

Create music that competes at the highest level through a deeper understanding of today’s hits.