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I Ain’t Worried’s Hooks



I Ain’t Worried features an expert hook arrangement consisting of three distinct vocal hooks and one foundational instrumental hook. The song begins with the song-defining whistle hook, instantly hooking the listener in with its simple, catchy melody. In addition, it establishes the song’s carefree vibe, serves as a unique calling card for the song considering the rarity of whistle hooks in the Hot 100 Top 10 (there have only been three others over the past decade – Sucker, Old Town Road and Panini), and entices the listener to hang around until they hear the hook again in a forthcoming section.

Where the listener does hear it again – whether they consciously realize it or not – is in the ensuing verse, where the melody is now sung. This clever foreshadowing/reinforcement technique keeps the hook melody sounding fresh but familiar while enhancing the connection of the lyrics due to the melodic familiarity across sections. Supporting this catchy melody is the first installment of the guitar and bass foundational hook, which locks the listener into an infectious groove that bolsters the song’s retro 1960s pop/rock vibe through its timbre and reverb processing.

With the foundational hook providing catchy cross-section continuity, the first chorus introduces the first of three song title hook variations. The summative and empowering “I ain’t worried ‘bout it right now” is introduced as a pickup into the chorus, where its arrival is bolstered by a full accompaniment pull S.I.A. (Section Impact Accentuator), drum fill lead-in, and a group vocal delivery that provides engaging contrast against Tedder’s solo lead. The hook is then reinforced verbatim in line 3 before heading into the “bonus hook center” post-chorus.

Beginning in a similar manner as the chorus with an impactful full accompaniment pull S.I.A., the vocal break post-chorus hits the listener with an infectious “triple hook punch.” At its core is a catchy call and response between the whistle hook from the intro and a curtailed version of the song title hook, “I ain’t worried ‘bout it,” which is delivered in a more resolute, direct manner than its more vibrant chorus counterpart. Supporting these vocal hooks is the continuation of the guitar and bass foundational hook, which has been in effect since the first verse.

The next three sections – verse 2, chorus 2 and vocal break post-chorus 2 – essentially feature the same hook structure as their first occurrence counterparts, which makes the song even more cohesive and memorable. However, to help prevent predictability and monotony, the double-length verse 2 omits the guitar component of the foundational hook in its first stanza and the whistle hook melody in its second stanza.

Following the second post-chorus, I Ain’t Worried heads into vocal break 3, which serves as the song’s main “D” (departure) section in lieu of a bridge. Putting the departure into effect is the omission of the guitar and bass foundational hook for the first time since the intro, and the addition of two vocal hooks – an even more curtailed iteration of the song title hook (“I ain’t worried”) and the new “ooh” nonsense hook. The melismatic delivery of both hooks, along with the sparse, serene accompaniment, creatively puts the “I ain’t worried” summation in a new relaxed context against the more animated chorus and post-choruses while simultaneously keeping the song fresh and interesting as it progresses.

From here, I Ain’t Worried heads into the third chorus and outro, the latter being largely in line with the vocal break post-choruses save for a fragment “ooh” hook melody from vocal break 3, which closes out the song on a catchy and memorable note.

I Ain’t Worried’s Hook Arrangement

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