Hit Songs Deconstructed Reports

The Hit Song Deconstructed Reports provide unparalleled insight into the inner-workings of a current chart-topping hit.

Each report provides you with a wealth of actionable insights that will help you take your craft to a heightened level.

Leaving no stone unturned, this report meticulously analyzes the songwriting and production techniques that went into crafting the song, including song structure, energy, genres and influences, instruments and accompaniment, harmony, vocal production and melody, lyrics, rhymes, narrative, and more.

By studying these reports, you will learn what makes the song so effective and come away with an array of tools and techniques to help you channel your unique creativity for success.

Each report includes a deep dive into the song's:

  • Genres & Sub-Genre Fusion 
  • Structure
  • Instruments 
  • Arrangement
  • Energy and Dynamics
  • Vocal Melody
  • Vocal Production
  • Lyrics
  • Rhymes
  • Hooks
  • And more!
  • In-depth analysis of chart-topping hits
  • Each comprehensive deconstruction is 100+ pages long
  • Segments are published every two weeks
  • Actionable insights that will help you take your craft to a heightened level.

Bonus Logic Project

A value of $99, yours free!

These project provide you with a visual roadmap of how the song was written, arranged and produced.

They include:

  • Instrumental Arrangement
  • Lead Vocal Melodic Part Arrangement 
  • Vocal Production 
  • Energy Flow 
  • Genres 
  • Sub-Genres 
  • Influences 
  • Form 
  • Harmony (chords and roman numerals)  
  • Notable Techniques Write Ups in the Notepad

Does not include audio or midi.

"My entire thought process as a producer, an engineer, a musician, and a songwriter are fleshed out in the pages of the HSD reports."

"Prince" Charles Alexander

Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer, audio engineer, and recording artist

"Spot on with the analysis and relevant to any music theory, composer, songwriter, or producer in the game now.”

Dr. O

Producer, Young M.A., Chris Brown, Lil Wayne

"The depth, detail and level of care that Hit Songs Deconstructed exercises in their song analysis is something I want my students to aspire to."

Chris Sampson

Founding Director of Popular Music Program
USC Thornton School of Music

Director of Popular Music Pedagogy

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