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The Craft Behind Today's Hits

  • Hit Songs Deconstructed Reports >> Learn from the masters and discover the craft shaping songs into worldwide phenomena! Each report contains 10 robust sections and segments are published every two weeks. ($124 each).
  • A Library of 60+ Hit Songs Deconstructed Reports >> You also gain immediate access to a library of 60+ reports (sold individually for $124 each - total of value of over $7,000).
  • Hit Song Logic Project Templates >> Reverse engineer today's hits! These project templates provide you with a visual roadmap for how the song was written, arranged, and produced ($99 each).
  • A Library of 45+ Logic Project Templates >> You also gain immediate access to a library of 45+ hit song Logic project templates (sold individually for $99 each - total of value of over $4,500).
  • Hit Song Techniques Database >> This extensive collection houses examples of the most effective techniques found in Hot 100 top 10 hits spanning various genres.
  • Technique Tuesday >> Every Tuesday, you’ll receive an expertly curated technique that has been deconstructed by the Hit Songs Deconstructed team to study. Each new technique is added to the Technique Database for future reference.
  • Hit Songwriting Articles





The Craft and Trends Behind Today's Hits

Everything included in Essentials plus:

  • The IMMERSION Database >> Round out your toolbox with songwriting analytics for today's most successful songs. Trends are visualized with graphs and tables with each data point linking to a list of the corresponding songs.
  • Industry Trend Database >> Stay in tune with the artists, writers, producers, and labels behind today’s hits and the trends behind them.
  • Benchmark Tool >> Gain insight into a body of work by comparing and contrasting compositional characteristics across songs, artists, songwriters, producers and labels.
  • Hit Song Search >>  Mix and match 200+ compositional filters to find Hot 100 top 10 songs with very specific compositional characteristics.
  • Trend Reports >> In-depth reports providing a comprehensive breakdown of the trends driving each quarter’s top 10 (available for purchase for $199/year).




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