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I Ain’t Worried’s Song Structure



I Ain’t Worried possesses structural qualities that are both in line with, and depart from, recent mainstream pop trends. Notable commonalities include its easy-to-follow form, beginning with an intro and concluding with an outro, including a “D” (departure) section right where one would expect to find it, its short length, faster tempo, and omission of a pre-chorus – a section that has recently dropped to its lowest level of popularity in over a decade.

Where the song most notably goes against the grain is its shorter-than-average section lengths and the inclusion of a hook-based vocal break “D” section as opposed to the vastly more popular bridge. However, these atypical qualities work in the song’s favor, as the shorter section lengths result in more rapid material turnover that keeps interest at a high, and the vocal break “D” section provides yet another hook-based section for the listener to latch onto while providing an engagement-heightening departure in the scope of the song.

I Ain’t Worried’s Song Structure

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