with data and analysis that
supports your creative process.
Power your creativity
with techniques that helped
today’s most successful songs
become global hits.
Fuel your inspiration
with your songwriting and production decisions armed with hit song analytics.
Get strategic
that competes at the highest levels
through a deeper understanding
of today’s hits.
Create music

Watch this four-minute video to learn how our powerful interactive tools, data, and analysis can support your creative process, save time, and keep you in tune with how today’s hits are evolving.

Empower Yourself with Cutting-Edge Tools
that Give You an Edge for Success

Empower Yourself with Cutting-Edge Tools that Keep You in Tune with the Craft and Trends Driving Today’s Hits

Hit Songs Deconstructed offers a trove of cutting-edge interactive tools, data and analysis that keep you in tune with the songwriting and production techniques driving today’s hits.