that competes at the highest level through a deeper understanding of today’s hits.

Powerful tools, data and analysis to take your craft to the next level.

Hit Songs Deconstructed empowers creatives and music industry professionals to create and release music that competes at the highest levels through unparalleled insight into the craft and trends behind today’s hits.

HSD Essentials

  • A Searchable Database of Songwriting Techniques: Fuel your inspiration with the techniques that helped today’s most successful songs become global hits!
  • Reference Track Search: Mix and match 200+ compositional filters to find Hot 100 Top 10 songs with very specific compositional characteristics.
  • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Reports: Each report breaks down a current hit down to its foundational building blocks and pulls back the curtain on the patterns and science behind how the song was written, produced and arranged.
  • Downloadable DAWs for Today's Hits: Using empty MIDI regions to visualize the instrumental arrangement, effects, energy, vocal melody and production, structure, select techniques and more, these DAW projects provide you with a visual roadmap for understanding how today’s hits were effectively arranged.

The IMMERSION Database

  • Compositional Analytics: Round out your data toolbox with songwriting analytics for today's most successful songs.
  • Benchmark Tool: Compare and contrast compositional characteristics across songs, artists, songwriters, producers and labels.
  • Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Label Database: Stay in tune with the artists, writers, producers, and labels behind today’s hits and the trends behind them.
  • The State of the Hot 100 Top 10: Published quarterly, this 100+ page report delivers an easy-to-digest snapshot of the trends driving each quarter’s most successful songs – and the players behind them – and gets you in tune with today’s rapidly evolving hit song landscape.
Staying Power
Staying Power


with data and analysis that supports your creative process.