The Hit Songs Deconstructed Logic Projects

The Hit songs Deconstructed Logic Projects provide unprecedented insight into how today's hits are written, arranged and produced. 

Using empty MIDI regions, these Logic projects provide you with a visual roadmap of each song's instrumental arrangement, energy, vocal melody and production, structure, select techniques and more, 

By watching as you listen, you'll gain valuable insight into the strategic decisions today’s hitmakers made to help prime their songs for maximum impact, giving you a host of new tools, techniques, and ideas to help take your own songs to the next level.

Each Logic project includes:

  • Instrumental Arrangement
  • Lead Vocal Melodic Part Arrangement 
  • Vocal Production 
  • Energy Flow 
  • Genres 
  • Sub-Genres 
  • Influences 
  • Form 
  • Harmony (chords and roman numerals)  
  • Notable Techniques Write Ups in the Notepad

Does not include audio or midi.

Download a Sample Logic Project

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Create music that competes at the highest level through a deeper understanding of today’s hits.