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I Ain’t Worried’s Energy & Dynamics



I Ain’t Worried’s energy flow features both common and atypical qualities compared to its mainstream contemporaries.

On the common side is its progression through three energy level “waves,” with peaks in the choruses and vocal break post-choruses, lulls in the intro and vocal break 3 “D” section, and a more energetic wave 2 compared to wave 1.

However, it departs from the norm with its plethora of full and partial accompaniment pull S.I.A.s (section impact accentuators). While virtually every hit uses S.I.A.s in order to maximize the arrival of certain sections – most notably the chorus – I Ain’t Worried uses them at the transition point into every section of the song. While atypical, there is a rhyme and a reason behind it.

Together, these common and atypical qualities, along with an effective combination of pronounced and subtle shifts, keeps the listener locked into this dynamically engaging song from start to finish.

I Ain’t Worried’s Energy Flow

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