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"I have been giving hit record analysis exercises to my students for years, but the level of depth in a single Hit Songs Deconstructed report is a full semester’s worth of information. My entire thought process as a producer, an engineer, a musician, and a songwriter are fleshed out in the pages of the HSD reports."

"Prince" Charles Alexander

Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer, audio engineer, and recording artist and professor, Music Production and Engineering, Berklee College of Music

"The depth, detail and level of care that Hit Songs Deconstructed exercises in their song analysis is something I want my students to aspire to. I am using their analysis techniques as a benchmark for them to apply when analyzing songs and their compositional analytics to keep them in tune with what’s happening now."

Chris Sampson

Founding Director of Popular Music Program
USC Thornton School of Music

Director of Popular Music Pedagogy

"Hit Songs Deconstructed is a great teaching tool and an extremely valuable resource for my songwriting students. We’ve made it an integral part of the songwriting curriculum at MTSU. I’m thrilled to say that Middle Tennessee State University is at the forefront of songwriting education as a result of this partnership."

Odie Blackmon

Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Commercial Songwriting Concentration for the Recording Industry Program,

Middle Tennessee State University

Lecturer, Music at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music

How will students and faculty benefit from Hit Songs Deconstructed?

Students will gain an edge for success by having real-time information related to how today’s popular music is evolving at the compositional level and learn how to leverage this type of information to make strategic songwriting, production and business decisions.

Faculty members will have instant access to proprietary data and analysis that can be used in songwriting, production and music business classes and keeps them in tune with how the craft and trends behind today's most successful songs are evolving.

Hit Songs Deconstructed offers flexible and highly discounted academic plans.

IP-Based Authentication or Group Subscriptions

Secure and seamless integration with your library network using EZproxy and other authentication systems.

If you require a subscription for a small group, you will receive an account where you can manage subscribers yourself.

Individual User Profiles

Faculty and students have the ability to create their own individual profiles so that they can save their personal searches privately.

Customized Lesson Plans

Faculty can easily create customized lesson plans by saving searches and reference material to a dedicated page in their private account.

Students also have their own private account where they can save searches for assignments and their own personal projects.

What does a subscription include?

Hit Songs Deconstructed Reports
  • Use these reports to complement topics being covered in the classroom.
  • Each comprehensive deconstruction is 100+ pages long
  • These reports provide in-depth analysis of the craft behind a current top 10 hit.
  • Segments are published every two weeks

Hit Song Deconstructions

Discover the patterns behind today's hits!

The Hit Song Deconstructed reports provide unparalleled analysis of today's hits.

Each deconstruction breaks down a current hit to its foundational building blocks and pulls back the curtain on the patterns and science behind how the song was written, produced and arranged.  

Leaving no stone unturned, everything is presented in a clear and concise manner and is complimented with unique Hit Songs Deconstructed visualizations.

Among them are the HSD melodic parts tables and graphs, rhyme scheme tables, narrative structure tables, energy graphs, and more.

Each report is published in ten segments every two weeks, and analyze:

  • Structure, Genres and Sub-Genre Fusion
  • Instruments and Arrangement
  • Energy and Dynamics
  • Vocal Melody and Vocal Production
  • Lyrics and Rhymes
  • Benchmark, Highlights & Takeaways

Downloadable DAWs

A visual roadmap for understanding how today's hits are arranged.

Every Hit Song Deconstruction includes a downloadable DAW project (Logic).

Using empty MIDI regions to visualize the instrumental arrangement, energy, vocal melody and production, structure, select techniques and more, these DAW projects provide you with a visual roadmap for understanding how today’s hits were effectively arranged.

These projects are created using empty midi regions and can be used for assignments.

Hit Songs Deconstructed Logic Projects
Hit Songs Deconstructed Techniques Library

A Searchable Database of Songwriting Techniques

An invaluable resource for finding good examples of current top 10 hits to illustrate specific songwriting and production techniques.

This searchable database houses hundreds of the most effective techniques used in Hot 100 top 10 hits.

Techniques include: Hook Techniques, Intro Techniques, Outro Techniques, Duet/Group Lead Vocal Structure Techniques, Audience Participation Moment Techniques, Energy Techniques, Section Impact Accentuator Techniques, Sub-Genre Fusion Techniques, Chorus Vocal Structure Techniques, Departure Section Techniques, Prosody Techniques, and Rhyme Techniques (with more technique categories to come!)

Reference Track Search

200+ filters to find the exact song you are looking for with the click of a button.

This database is a huge time-saver!

Mix and match 200+ compositional filters to find Hot 100 Top 10 songs with very specific compositional characteristics.

It's a great way to find examples of songs to reference during classes.

  • Select your filters and click search
  • Select your song
  • Drill down to a dedicated page with key compositional characteristics, lyrics, Spotify links, the official video, and more

Hit Songs Deconstructed Reference Track Search

Search Filters include:

  • Date Range by Quarter or Year
  • Seasonal Comparisons
  • Peak Chart Position
  • Staying Power (Weeks in the Top 10)
  • New Songs vs. Carryovers
  • Primary Genres
  • Specific Songwriters, Artists, Producers and Labels

Unlike AI-Powered analytics, each song is manually analyzed and every data point is vetted in accordance with HSD's proprietary methodologies for accuracy.

Compositional Analytics

A database of songwriting and production decisions.

A great research tool, this powerful, fully interactive database helps faculty and students stay on top of how today's hits are evolving. It provides real-time manually vetted analytics for the compositional characteristics of the songs that land in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. 

Hundreds of different searches keep you in tune with what’s driving these songs at the compositional level. Trends are visualized with graphs and tables with each data point linking to a list of the corresponding songs.

Search for trends pertaining to primary genres, sub-genres/influences, instruments, lead vocals (gender, vocal delivery, etc.), lyrics (lyrical theme, title placement and appearances, etc.), song structure (key, tempo, song length, song form, etc.), song sections (intro characteristics, first chorus occurrence, post-chorus types, etc.), and much more.

Save your most important searches to your dashboard for easy access!

Benchmark Tool

Compare and contrast compositional characteristics across songs, artists, songwriters, producers and labels.

This powerful tool gives faculty and students the ability to compare and contrast compositional characteristics across songs, artists, songwriters, producers and labels.

It's an easy way to: 

  • Gain insight into a specific body of work of a particular artist, songwriter, producer or label
  • Understand what compositional characteristics a select group of songs have in common
  • Discover how songs stand out from the pack by going against the grain

Trend searches include number of songs in the Top 10, weeks in the Top 10, trends for featured artist, genre breakdown, team size, and more.

Searches can be filtered in a multitude of ways including by date range, primary genre, peak chart position, among others.

All search results include links to the corresponding songs and profile pages.

Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Label Database

Stay in tune with the artists, writers, producers, and labels behind today’s hits and the trends behind them.

This database helps faculty and students stay in tune with the artists, writers, producers, and labels behind today’s hits, and the trends behind them. Every artist, songwriter, producer and label has its own personal profile detailing who they’ve collaborated with, their compositional profile, charting information, and more.

Trend Reports

The State of the Hot 100 Top 10 Delivered to Faculty and Students

Twice a year, Hit Songs Deconstructed publishes trend reports that deliver an easy-to-digest snapshot of the trends driving each quarter’s most successful songs, keeping faculty and students in tune with today’s rapidly evolving hit song landscape.

Give your students a competitive edge! 

Hit Songs Deconstructed is also used by leading songwriters, producers, labels and publishers.

To schedule a live, personal walkthrough of the platform and learn more about our flexible and highly discounted academic rates, please fill out the form below.

We’ve had rave reviews from students and educators about Hit Songs Deconstructed.

Stephanie Maatta Smith, PhD

Director of Library Services
Full Sail University

Hit Songs Deconstructed is an integral resource used in our teaching of popular music analysis on both the Popular Music Performance and Popular Music Performance/Production BA (Hons) degree courses here at Solent University.

Esther Frake

Senior Lecturer, Popular Music PerformanceSolent University, Southampton UK

Whether you want to work with the current trends or against them HSD is a powerful tool in music production strategy.

Dean Nelson

Director of Music ProductionOntario Institute of Audio Recording Technology

Hit Songs Deconstructed is an astonishingly thorough look at contemporary hits.  The site takes a comprehensive look at both lyrics and music, and is an extraordinary tool for anyone interested in understanding and absorbing what makes commercial songs successful.

Deanna Walker

Director, Blair Songwriting Program at Vanderbilt University

Finally… here is a great service for producers and writers that explains in great detail what makes a hit song… HSD gives you not only the 'How they did it’, but also the Why… I highly recommend HSD.

Tony Carbone

Assistant Professor
Berklee College Of Music

As a teacher AND a songwriter, an important part of my job is to analyze what works in successful songs. HSD does the research for me. It's an amazing tool--and one I highly recommend to my students and collaborators throughout the world.

Jason Blume

Songwriter w/50 million album sales | Top-selling author, Billboard Books