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Hook Mastery: The Art and Science Behind Crafting Hit Song Hooks

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Give yourself a competitive edge with powerful tools that will help you create and release music that competes at the highest levels.

Hit Songs Deconstructed provides you with unique insight into the "secret sauce" that helped so many of today’s hits become global sensations. It helps you stay in tune with the landscape you are writing and producing for and maximize your creative output through a trove of interactive resources and tools.

That’s why some of today’s most successful songwriters, producers and industry professionals from leading labels and publishers use Hit Songs Deconstructed.

I highly recommend all of the courses from Hit Songs Deconstructed. If you're a songwriter, there's always something new to be learned in their workshops and masterclasses!

Andrew Colyer

Recording Artist/Performer/Composer

HSD provides a great platform for breaking down various aspects of the creative process in the making of a hit song. Powerful tool for learning hit songwriting, production techniques and trends.

Rod Butler


"Even though I’ve been writing professionally for over ten years, I’ve found several nuggets of gold that have improved my writing already."

Roy Stride

Hit Songwriter, Producer, Artist

One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Scouting for Girls

Hit Songs Deconstructed has really pushed my music to a competitive level. The instructors are at the top of their game, detailed, and cover absolutely everything that's happening in current, charting successful music.


Pop Recording Artist

The way songs are broken down is extremely useful in really solidifying your understanding of what's happening in the most popular music, and how you can incorporate it in your own.

Omar Zulfi

Music Artist/Producer, Deviant Noise

I am stunned by the WEALTH of information available through this program, and the manner in which it was presented. Very impressive!

Nick Martin


I can't stress enough how important
HSD is to any serious
professional hit songwriter.

Hilton Wright II

Record Producer/Songwriter

These are not just songwriting
tips and tricks; these workshops are
a masterclass in hit songwriting.

George Haughton


This is the most thorough
master class that I have attended.
Recommend it to all.

Sandy Chen

Warner Chappell Music

I have never seen hit songs broken down in such an accurate and detailed way.

Jerome Baylor

Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist, Topline Writer, Beat Producer

Tons of fantastic tips and information on how to create hit songs. I learned so much!

Brett Steelhammer


As a songwriter and educator, I am truly impressed with the scientific approach that HSD has employed in the forensic breakdown of the process of writing hit songs. Having attended many workshops. 

Well done HSD for providing the songwriting community with invaluable information and analysis.

Carl Corcoran

Songwriter/Broadcaster/Industry Consultant/Director of MA Songwriting Irish World Academy University of Limerick, Board Member Music Network Ireland

Having attended a HSD Masterclass for the first time, I am now convinced that by applying those lessons and research data to my songwriting, it will eliminate a lot of the "guessing game" and allow me to focus more on vibe and creativity with the boundaries set forth, which have proven to be highly successful.

Georg van Handel


Hit Songs Deconstructed is in a class of its own. Shedding in-depth analysis for those ready to consume it. From singer songwriter through production, to industry and market trends. No one does it like HSD. 

Andre Jarreau


You combined elements I've tried to put together through hours of studies, videos, and books into something straightforward and easy to understand.

Reanne Howell


What does a subscription include?

Hit Songs Deconstructed Reports
  • In-depth analysis of chart-topping hits
  • Each comprehensive deconstruction is 100+ pages long
  • Segments are published every two weeks
  • Includes companion DAW Project (Logic)

Hit Song Deconstructions

A Library of 60+ Hit Songs Deconstructed Reports

The Hit Song Deconstructed reports provide unparalleled analysis of today's hits.

Each deconstruction breaks down a current hit to its foundational building blocks and pulls back the curtain on the patterns and science behind how the song was written, produced and arranged.  

Leaving no stone unturned, everything is presented in a clear and concise manner and is complimented with unique Hit Songs Deconstructed visualizations that can be used to assess your own songs for strengths and weaknesses as well.

Among them are the HSD melodic parts tables and graphs, rhyme scheme tables, narrative structure tables, energy graphs, and more.

Each report is published in ten segments every two weeks, and analyzes structure, genres and sub-genre fusion, instruments and arrangement, energy and dynamics, vocal melody, vocal production, lyrics, and rhymes. The last segment features a top 10 benchmark and highlights the most important report takeaways.

By reading these deconstructions, you'll become privy to the same tools and techniques today's hitmakers are using. 

The insight you'll gain will take your craft to the next level, guaranteed.

Downloadable DAWs

A visual roadmap for understanding how today's hits are arranged.

Every Hit Song Deconstruction includes a downloadable DAW project (Logic).

Using empty MIDI regions to visualize the instrumental arrangement, energy, vocal melody and production, structure, select techniques and more, these DAW projects provide you with a visual roadmap for understanding how today’s hits were effectively arranged.

By watching as you listen, you will gain valuable insight into the strategic decisions today’s hitmakers made to help prime their songs for maximum impact, giving you a host of new tools, techniques, and ideas to help take your own songs to the next level.

Hit Songs Deconstructed Logic Projects

Fuel Your Inspiration with a Library of 100+ Hit Song Techniques

  • New techniques delivered to your inbox every Tuesday
  • Select the songwriting technique you are looking for
  • Use additional filters such as date range, peak chart position, artist, songwriter and more to fine-tune your search
  • Choose a particular song that uses the technique to study
  • Techniques analyses include a detailed explanation of the technique, visualizations, and direct links to the sections of the song where the technique is being used so that you can hear it in action

A Searchable Database of Songwriting Techniques

Fuel your inspiration with the techniques that helped today’s most successful songs become global hits!

This extensive collection houses examples of the most effective techniques found in Hot 100 top 10 hits spanning various genres.

Every Tuesday, you’ll receive an expertly curated technique that has been deconstructed by the Hit Songs Deconstructed team to study. Each technique is accompanied by a detailed explanation, visual aids, and audio clips revealing the what, the why, and the how behind them.

It's the perfect way to continuously hone your craft and incorporate techniques from current chart-toppers into your own music.

Techniques include: Hook Techniques, Intro Techniques, Outro Techniques, Duet/Group Lead Vocal Structure Techniques, Audience Participation Moment Techniques, Energy Techniques, Section Impact Accentuator Techniques, Sub-Genre Fusion Techniques, Chorus Vocal Structure Techniques, Departure Section Techniques, Prosody Techniques, and Rhyme Techniques (with more technique categories to come!)

Hit Song Search

200+ filters to find the exact song you are looking for with the click of a button.

Need reference tracks? Mix and match 200+ compositional filters to find Hot 100 Top 10 songs with very specific compositional characteristics.

In addition, this tool can be used to:

  • See how your song stacks up against proven hits with similar compositional characteristics
  • Get insight for ways to take your song to the next level and/or give it a unique spin
  • Understand the space you are looking to compete in
  • Or simply get inspired!
  • Select your filters and click search
  • Select your song
  • Drill down to a dedicated page with key compositional characteristics, lyrics, Spotify links, the official video, and more

Hit Songs Deconstructed Reference Track Search

Search Filters include:

  • Date Range by Quarter or Year
  • Seasonal Comparisons
  • Peak Chart Position
  • Staying Power (Weeks in the Top 10)
  • New Songs vs. CarryoversPrimary Genres
  • Primary Genres
  • A Specific Artist, Songwriter, Producer or Label

Unlike AI-Powered analytics, each song is manually analyzed and every data point is vetted in accordance with HSD's proprietary methodologies for accuracy.

Compositional Analytics

Round out your toolbox with songwriting analytics for today's most successful songs.

Looking for insight into what today's hits have in common? 

Or want to spot trends on the rise, or in decline? 

Or need to back up gut feelings with factual data? 

This powerful, fully interactive database provides you with critical insight into how the current musical landscape is evolving with valuable, real-time intelligence on the compositional characteristics of the songs that land in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Hundreds of different searches keep you in tune with what’s driving the Hot 100 Top 10 at the compositional level. Trends are visualized with graphs and tables with each data point linking to a list of the corresponding songs.

Search for trends pertaining to primary genres, sub-genres/influences, instruments, lead vocals (gender, vocal delivery, etc.), lyrics (lyrical theme, title placement and appearances, etc.), song structure (key, tempo, song length, song form, etc.), song sections (intro characteristics, first chorus, occurrence, post-chorus types, etc.), and much more.

Save your most important searches to your dashboard for easy access!

Benchmark Tool

Compare and contrast compositional characteristics across songs, artists, songwriters, producers and labels.

This powerful tool gives you the ability to compare and contrast any of the compositional characteristics in The Immersion Database across songs, artists, songwriters, producers and labels.

  • Gain insight into a specific body of work of a particular artist, songwriter, producer or label
  • Understand what compositional characteristics a select group of songs have in common
  • Discover how songs stand out from the pack by going against the grain
  • Make targeted pitches by researching what creates the signature sound of a particular artist, producer, or songwriter

Trend searches include number of songs in the Top 10, weeks in the Top 10, trends for featured artist, genre breakdown, team size, and more.

Searches can be filtered in a multitude of ways including by date range, primary genre, peak chart position, among others.

All search results include links to the corresponding songs and profile pages.

Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Label Database

Stay in tune with the artists, writers, producers, and labels behind today’s hits and the trends behind them.

Every artist, songwriter, producer and label has its own personal profile detailing which artists, songwriters, producers and labels they’ve collaborated with, their compositional profile, charting information and a link to their Twitter and Instagram pages.

Quarterly Trend Reports

The State of the Hot 100 Top 10 Delivered to You Every Quarter

Every quarter Hit Songs Deconstructed publishes trend reports that deliver an easy-to-digest snapshot of the trends driving each quarter’s most successful songs and gets you in tune with today’s rapidly evolving hit song landscape.

Reports include:

  • NEW ARRIVALS DECONSTRUCTED: A deconstruction of the most recent quarter's new arrivals, and how they differ from the songs that carried over from the previous quarter.
  • HOT 100 TOP 10 DECONSTRUCTED: This report delivers an in-depth look at trends for all the compositional categories we track, including primary genres, sub-genres, lead vocals, lyrical themes, instruments, key, tempo, song length, song structure, and much more. 
  • TOP PERFORMING HITS DECONSTRUCTED: A deconstruction of #1 hits and songs that chart 10+ weeks detailing what qualities differentiate them from the overall Top 10.
  • HIP HOP VS. NON-HIP HOP DECONSTRUCTED: A spotlights on hip hop and non-hip hop songs that details the trends unique to each.

Create music that competes at the highest level through a deeper understanding of today’s hits.