Good songs are written, HIT songs are REWRITTEN.

9 Hours of Video Instruction, Assignments to Help You Apply the Concepts Covered to Your Original Song,
3 Private Q&A Sessions, Workbooks and Tools, a Private Song Critique Session

As the saying goes, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

And when it comes to hit songs, this couldn’t be truer.

While most hit songs begin with a spark of unique inspiration, it’s during the rewrite process that every single aspect of the song is meticulously fine-tuned to take it from good to great.

This masterclass teaches you how to assess your song’s strengths and weaknesses, the psychology behind strategic songwriting and production decisions, and techniques for optimizing every aspect of your song, including melody, hooks, lyrics, rhymes, and arrangement.

There are three main segments to this masterclass, each approximately three hours long. They include melody and hooks, lyrics and rhymes, and structure and arrangement. Each segment uses in-depth Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 case studies to illustrate the most effective songwriting techniques found in today’s hits and pull the curtain back on how today’s hits are optimized to fire on all cylinders.

How it works:

  1. Select an original song to work on.
  2. At the end of each of the three segments you will be given a homework assignment to apply what you've learned to your original song.
  3. After you complete each of your homework assignments, you have the option to schedule a private 15-minute Q&A session with Hit Songs Deconstructed founder and masterclass instructor, David Penn to review your assignment.
  4. Once you complete the entire masterclass, and have applied all of the concepts learned to your song through the homework assignments, schedule your private song critique session.

When you purchase this masterclass, you get:

  • The nine-hour video recording of the live masterclass consisting of three main segments that are approximately three hours each
  • Three private Q&A sessions with David Penn, Hit Songs Deconstructed founder
  • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Melodic Parts Table to help you effectively structure your melodies.
  • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Melody and Hooks Workbook/Checklist to help you assess your melodies and hooks for strengths and weaknesses
  • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Narrative Table to help you effectively structure and optimize your song's narrative
  • The Hit Songs Deconstructed A.I.D.E. Table to help you maximize your song’s lyrical impact
  • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Rhymes Table to help you bolster the impact of your rhymes
  • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Lyrics and Rhymes Workbook/Checklist to help you assess your lyrics and rhymes
  • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Arrangement Workbook/Checklist to help you assess and optimize your song's arrangement
  • A private song critique session with David Penn after the completion of the masterclass
This masterclass will take your songwriting and producing skills to new heights and teach you how to get every aspect of your song firing on all cylinders.

Good songs are written, great songs are rewritten.

Ready to get started?

Length: Approximately 9 Hours

Format: Video recording of the live masterclass accompanied by downloadable companion presentation decks and proprietary Hit Songs Deconstructed song assessment materials.

Release Date: 2022

Price: $1,119

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Who should buy this masterclass?

Songwriters, producers, and music industry professionals who are, or have the goal of, being involved in today’s mainstream music scene.

What knowledge of songwriting and music theory is required?

A solid foundation in the basic craft of songwriting and music theory is highly recommended.

What is the basis for the material covered?

We focus on Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hits.

How is the material be conveyed?

Hit Songs Deconstructed masterclasses feature a combination of audio examples, graphs, charts, commentary, and, in some cases, Logic Pro sessions to illustrate principles and techniques.

Active listening exercises are at the core our masterclasses, so make sure you watch the masterclass with high quality audio/headphones.

How long will i have access to the masterclass video and materials?

You will have unlimited access to the video and masterclass materials.