(Includes Video Recording of the Live Masterclass + Masterclass Materials)

This masterclass provides you with unique insight into how to achieve success and longevity in today’s competitive music scene while remaining true to your own unique artistry.

Using in-depth case studies, we explore how recent, diverse artists including Billie Eilish, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and others have continuously evolved to stay relevant and ahead of the curve, all while maintaining their signature sound and a cohesive image and persona.

Over the course of this 2.5 hour masterclass, you will learn:

  • How today’s A-list artists have evolved to remain relevant in this fast-changing musical landscape while remaining true to their artistry
  • What signature sounds have remained constant as their bodies of work evolve
  • How they’ve capitalized on and pushed the boundaries of, emerging trends, and put their unique spins on the sounds of the day
  • How they marry their sound, persona and image
  • Their use of cross-genre pollination to heighten the song’s reach potential
  • How they’ve successfully balanced innovation with just enough familiarity to keep evolving as an artist while at the same time meeting audience expectations
  • And much more

By attending this masterclass, you’ll walk away with a trove of new ideas you’ll be able to immediately apply to your creative process and a brand-new perspective on how to achieve success and longevity in a competitive music scene while remaining true to your unique artistry.

Length: 2.5 Hours

Format: Video recording of the live masterclass accompanied by a downloadable companion presentation deck.

Release Date: 2022

Price: $299

Balancing Artistry with Commercial Appeal gave me incredible insights about trends, identity, influences, strategies and evolution of great songs and artists. It’s definitely a great Masterclass for artists that want to develop their own signature maintaining their identity and audience

Diego Amorocho // Producer


Who should buy this masterclass?

Songwriters, producers, and music industry professionals who are, or have the goal of, being involved in today’s mainstream music scene.

What knowledge of songwriting and music theory is required?

A solid foundation in the basic craft of songwriting and music theory is highly recommended.

What is the basis for the material covered?

We focus on Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hits.

How is the material be conveyed?

Hit Songs Deconstructed masterclasses feature a combination of audio examples, graphs, charts, commentary, and, in some cases, Logic Pro sessions to illustrate principles and techniques.

Active listening exercises are at the core our masterclasses, so make sure you watch the masterclass with high quality audio/headphones.


  • The video recording of the live masterclass
  • The PDF of the masterclass presentation deck
  • A Spotify playlist with all the songs referenced during the presentation

How long will i have access to the masterclass video and materials?

You will have unlimited access to the video and masterclass materials.