What make these Grammy hits tick?

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Butter: A Video Case Study on Melody and Hooks

Leave the Door Open: A Case Study on Duet Structure

Drivers License: A Video Case Study on Hit Song Narrative

Montero: A Video Case Study on Hit Song Rhymes

The Vocals in Lil Nas X’s #1 hit Montero (Call Me By Your Name) Are Much More than Meets the Eye

"My entire thought process as a producer, an engineer, a musician, and a songwriter are fleshed out in the pages of the HSD reports."

"Prince" Charles Alexander

Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer, audio engineer, and recording artist

"Spot on with the analysis and relevant to any music theory, composer, songwriter, or producer in the game now.”

Dr. O

Producer, Young M.A., Chris Brown, Lil Wayne

"The depth, detail and level of care that Hit Songs Deconstructed exercises in their song analysis is something I want my students to aspire to."

Chris Sampson

Founding Director of Popular Music Program
USC Thornton School of Music

Director of Popular Music Pedagogy

Hit Songs Deconstructed Essentials

Delivering unparalleled insight into the Craft behind today's hits.

  • A Searchable Database of Songwriting Techniques: Fuel your inspiration with the techniques that helped today’s most successful songs become global hits!
  • Reference Track Search: Mix and match 200+ compositional filters to find Hot 100 Top 10 songs with very specific compositional characteristics.
  • The Hit Songs Deconstructed Reports: Each report breaks down a current hit down to its foundational building blocks and pulls back the curtain on the patterns and science behind how the song was written, produced and arranged.
  • Downloadable DAWs for Today's Hits: Using empty MIDI regions to visualize the instrumental arrangement, effects, energy, vocal melody and production, structure, select techniques and more, these DAW projects provide you with a visual roadmap for understanding how today’s hits were effectively arranged.


to create music that competes at the highest levels through a deeper understanding of today’s hits.

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