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What People Are Saying About Hit Songs Deconstructed

Which plan is right for you?

  • Hit Song Analysis Reports (4 per year plus 40+ library)
  • Hit Song Logic Projects (4 per year plus 40+ library)
  • Searchable Hit Song Technique Library
  • Reference Track Search
  • Compositional Profiles for Hot 100 Top 10 Songs
  • Hit Song and Industry Trend Reports (4 per year plus library)
    (compositional analytics, industry trends, benchmarking)

    (compositional analytics, industry trends, benchmarking)
  • Multi-Part and Single-Segment Live, Online Workshops and On Demand Workshops*
  • Masterclass and Workshop Co-Productions (third party masterclasses and workshops brought to you by HSD).
$349 / year
    (compositional analytics, industry trends, benchmarking)

  • 10% Discount
  • 10% Discount
$729 / year
    (compositional analytics, industry trends, benchmarking)

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  • 15% Discount
$1699 / year
    (compositional analytics, industry trends, benchmarking)

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Why is HSD being used by songwriters, producers, A&Rs, and others?

  • Stay on top of latest and most effective songwriting and production techniques
  • Understand what hit songs have in common
  • Make informed decisions during the rewrite process
  • Gain insight into why current hits are connecting with large audiences
  • Stay in tune with today’s rapidly evolving music scene through hit song compositional and industry trends
  • Quantify gut feelings with factual data
  • Spot evolving trends for sub-genres, influences, key, tempo, form, seasonal relationships, and much more
  • Find highly specific reference tracks through our array of compositional filters
  • Benchmark songs against hits with a proven track record

Upcoming Masterclasses and Workshops

  • Stay ahead of the curve, as the sounds shaping today’s hits evolve
  • Update your toolbox with the latest songwriting and production techniques
  • Gain insight into an artist’s, songwriter’s, producer’s body of work at the compositional level
  • Search for songs that match very specific compositional criteria for inspiration or to find reference tracks to take into the studio
  • Make more targeted pitches to music libraries and production houses
  • Use our Logic arrangements to get started on a new musical projects or soundalikes

  • Spot compositional trends on the rise and in decline
  • Gain an understanding of seasonal trends
  • Leverage data related to current trends to help select a single
  • Weave emerging trends into the final mix just prior to a song’s release
  • Identify ways to increase a song’s cross-over potential
  • Benchmark songs against those with a successful track record
  • Improve communication by referencing factual compositional data
  • Quantify gut feelings