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Hit Songs Deconstructed Music Charts – Week of 5/9/15



R&B/Soul and Retro are once again the two most popular genres and influencers defining the top 10 thanks to this week’s new arrival, Want To Want Me. The latter currently accounts for 60% of songs, all of which feature an early to mid 1980’s influence.

Additionally, the Solo Male Lead Vocal category reaches its highest level in 39 weeks, the Hooking Up Lyrical Theme category hits its highest level in 24 weeks, and the Moderately Early (0:20 – 0:39) First Chorus Occurrence category reenters the chart following a two-week absence.

Some of the other top characteristics defining this week’s top 10 include:

  • The Love/Relationships Lyrical Theme category accounts for 80% of songs, either as a standalone or in conjunction with other themes.
  • The Moderately Late (0:40 – 0:59) and Late (1:00+) First Chorus Occurrence categories are tied at #1, each accounting for 30% of songs.
  • The Primarily Electric Instrumentation category is #1 for the third consecutive week, accounting for 50% of songs.
  • The Short (0:01 – 0:09) and Moderately Short (0:10 – 0:19) Intro Length categories are tied at the top for the third week in a row, each accounting for 40% of songs.
  • The 4:00+ Song Length Category remains on top for the 12th consecutive week, accounting for 40% of songs.