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Hit Songs Deconstructed Music Charts – Week of 5/2/15



Accounting for 40% of songs, the R&B/Soul primary genre category takes over the top spot this week thanks to the reentry of Natelie La Rose’s Somebody.  On the flip side, the Pop genre drops to its lowest level in 57 weeks due to the departure of Taylor Swift’s Style.  Currently, only 20% of songs are first and foremost Pop songs.

Additional HSD noteworthy shifts include the solo female lead vocal category drops to its lowest level in 38 weeks, and the short (0:01 – 0:09) intro length category joins the moderately short (0:10 – 0:19) category at the top.  While the Funk sub-genre/influencer category hits its lowest level in 14 weeks, it represents two of the most successful songs in recent weeks – Uptown Funk and Sugar.   

Some of the top characteristics defining this week’s top 10 include:

  • Retro & Soul are tied as the top sub-genre/influencers, each playing a role within 60% of songs.
  • The Solo Male lead vocal category maintains its commanding lead at the top, accounting for 60% of songs.
  • The Early, Moderately Late and Late first chorus occurrence categories are tied at the top, each accounting for 30% of songs.
  • The Synth remains the most popular instrument featured within top 10 hits.  It plays a role, in varying degrees of prominence, within 80% of songs.
  • The Five+ songwriter category is once again on top, accounting for 60% of songs.  The four and two writer categories trail far behind, each accounting for 20%.