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Hit Songs Deconstructed Music Charts – Week of 4/18/15



This week the Hip Hop/Rap primary genre category reaches its highest level in 25 weeks thanks to the arrival of the Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth duet, See You Again. Accounting for 30% of songs, it’s at the #2 spot right behind the Pop genre, which accounts for 40% of songs.

Additionally, Atlantic brings Republic’s 37 week run as the top performing label to an end, Soul joins Retro as the top sub-genre/influencer, and the electric/acoustic combo instrumentation category takes over at #1, accounting for 50% of songs.

On the flip side, the R&B/Soul primary genre category, the short (0:01 – 0:09) intro length category, and the claps/snaps instrumentation category all lose ground due to the departure of Natelie La Rose’s Somebody.

Some of the top characteristics defining this week’s top 10 include:

  • The solo male lead vocal category remains on top for the 18th consecutive week, accounting for 50% of songs.
  • The late (1:00+) first chorus occurrence category is #1 for the ninth week in a row, accounting for 50% of songs.
  • Three word titles join two word titles at the top spot, each accounting for 30% of songs.
  • The 11 – 15 song title appearance category takes over at #1, accounting for 40% of songs.
  • The synth is the most popular instrument found within top 10 hits for the sixth consecutive week, accounting for 70% of songs.