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Hit Songs Deconstructed Music Charts – Week of 5/23/15



This week, Retro remains atop the Sub-Genre/Influencer chart for the sixth week in a row, accounting for 60% of songs. Late 70’s and early 80’s influences are still by far the most popular. Amongst the category’s representatives are Love Me Like You Do (Early 80’s Retro Pop), Shut Up And Dance (Late 70’s / Early 80’s Retro Rock/New Wave), and Uptown Funk (Late 70’s / Early 80’s Retro R&B/Soul, Funk, Hip Hop/Rap).

R&B/Soul remains the top Primary Genre thanks to the reentry of G.D.F.R. Accounting for 40% of songs, this is the fourth consecutive week that the genre has surpassed Hip Hop/Rap, Pop and Rock, which follow at 30%, 20% and 10% of songs, respectively.

Some of the other top characteristics defining this week’s top 10 include:

  • Love/Relationships is the most popular Lyrical Theme, accounting for 80% of songs. Representatives include Earned It and Shut Up And Dance.
  • The Early (0:01 – 0:19) First Chorus Occurrence category joins the Moderately Late (0:40 – 0:59) and Late (1:00+) categories at the top spot, each accounting for 30% of songs. Representatives of the Early category include See You Again and G.D.F.R.
  • The 4:00+ Song Length category remains at #1 for the 14th consecutive week, accounting for 40% of songs. Representatives include Love Me Like You Do and Uptown Funk.
  • The Primarily Electric Instrumentation category took a hit this week due to the departure of Nasty Freestyle, but remains on top for the fifth consecutive week at 50% of songs. Representatives include Sugar and Trap Queen.
  • The 11 – 15 Song Title Appearance category remains the most popular for the eighth week in a row, accounting for 40% of songs. Representatives include Shut Up And Dance and See You Again.