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Hit Songs Deconstructed and ASCAP Team Up to Provide Hit Songs Deconstructed as a new ASCAP Member Benefit



Hit Songs Deconstructed is excited to announce that it has teamed up with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) to provide access to our platform as a new member benefit.

ASCAP’s commitment to providing members with access to cutting-edge resources that work hand-in-hand with the creative process was a driving force behind this new member benefit. Nick Lehman, ASCAP Chief Strategy & Digital Officer, explains, “ASCAP aims to provide members with a multifaceted toolchest to augment their craft and their careers. Hit Songs Deconstructed is a cutting-edge service that can support our members’ creative process with in-depth data and analysis of current songwriting techniques.”

Our mission at Hit Songs Deconstructed is to empower music creators with tools that provide an edge for success in a fast-changing musical landscape. We are thrilled that ASCAP members now have access to our data and analysis.

Are you an ASCAP member? Learn more about your new benefit here!