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Make strategic songwriting, production,
and business decisions armed with hit song analytics.

The Immersion Database

Immersion provides you with valuable, real-time intelligence on the compositional characteristics of the songs that land in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

This fully interactive database offers hundreds of different searches that keep you in tune with what’s driving the Hot 100 Top 10 at the compositional level. Trends are visualized with bar graphs, line graphs and tables.  Every data point links to its corresponding song set, which, in turn, link to dedicated pages housing each song’s key compositional characteristics.

Search for trends pertaining to:

  • Primary Genres
  • Sub-Genres/Influences
  • Instruments
  • Lead Vocals (gender, vocal delivery, etc.)
  • Lyrics (lyrical theme, title placement and appearances, etc.)
  • Song Structure (key, tempo, song length, song form, etc.)
  • Song Sections (intro characteristics, first chorus occurrence, post-chorus types, etc)
  • And much more

"As a songwriter, an important part of my job is to analyze what works in successful songs. By identifying the tools that were employed in hits, writers can incorporate them into their own songs--using techniques that have proven successful--while putting their own spin and unique creative angle on them. HSD does the research for me.".

Jason Blume, Songwriter w/50 million album sales

Benchmark Tool

The powerful Benchmark Tool gives you the ability to compare and contrast any of the compositional characteristics in the Immersion Database across songs, artists, songwriters, producers and labels.

This tool can help you:

  • Gain insight into a specific body of work of a particular artist, songwriter, producer or label
  • Understand what compositional characteristics a select group of songs have in common
  • Discover how songs stand out from the pack by going against the grain
  • Make targeted pitches by researching what creates the signature sound of a particular artist, producer, or songwriter.

Artist, Writer, Producer & Label Database

This database will keep you in tune with the artists, writers, producers, and labels behind today’s hits, who they are collaborating with, which of their songs are charting in the Top 10 and the trends behind them.

Each have their own personal profile detailing which artists, songwriters, producers and labels they’ve collaborated with, their compositional profile, charting information and a link to their twitter and Instagram pages.

Trend searches include number of songs in the Top 10, weeks in the Top 10, trends for gender, featured artist, genre breakdown, team size, and more. Searches can be filtered in a multitude of ways including by date range, primary genre, peak chart position, among others.  All search results include links to the corresponding songs and profile pages.