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Hit Songs Deconstructed is an invaluable tool that provides unparalleled insight into compositional trends for the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 and in-depth analysis of the songwriting and production techniques of current hit songs.

Why Hit Songs Deconstructed?

Songwriters, producers, and engineers:

  • Channel unique artistic vision to connect with the widest possible audience
  • Stay on the cutting edge with the latest songwriting and production techniques
  • Get through the door – and stay in the door – with publishers and labels
  • Develop an instinctual approach to writing songs for mainstream success
  • Stay current and relevant in a fast-changing musical landscape

Publishers, labels, music libraries, and production houses:

  • Gain a broader and deeper understanding today’s mainstream music landscape
  • Stay ahead of the curve by spotting current, evolving and waning trends
  • Supplement sales, streaming, engagement, and radio airplay data with insight into the compositional trends behind those numbers
  • Maximize communication between A&R, Creative Execs, Artists, Writers and Producers
  • Quantify “gut feeling” with factual data