The State of the Hot 100 Top 10
2019 in Review

With today's hits changing faster than ever, it's critical to proactively stay on top of what's driving today’s most successful songs.

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  • Which compositional characteristics are most prominent in the Hot 100 Top 10?
  • Which are on the rise and which are in decline?
  • Who are today's key industry players and influencers?

This 100+ page super easy-to-digest report will get you in tune with how today's most successful songs, and the players behind them, are evolving!

What does the report include?

  • Key industry players, their compositional profiles and who they are collaborating with
  • Trend data for artists, songwriters, producers and labels
  • Notable compositional shifts for 2019 when compared to 2018
  • What compositional characteristics songs with staying power have in common (songs that charted in the Top 10 for ten or more weeks)
  • What 2019’s #1 hits have in common at the compositional level
  • An in-depth look at trends for all the compositional categories we track, including primary genres, sub-genres, lead vocals, lyrical themes, instruments, key, tempo, song length, song structure, and much more
  • Compositional trends for the overall Top 10, as well as Hip Hop and non-Hip Hop genres individually

Whether you want to work with trends or against them, by staying in tune with today's hit song landscape, you'll gain critical insight that can be used to make strategic songwriting, production and business decisions.