Hit Song Deconstructed Logic Projects

The Secrets to Hit Songwriting Reside in the Songs Themselves!

Hit Song Deconstructed Logic Projects

A visual roadmap for understanding how today's hits were written, produced and arranged.

The Hit Songs Deconstructed Logic projects give you an "under the hood" look at how today’s biggest hits are crafted. These projects provide you with a visual roadmap for understanding how they were written, produced and arranged and highlight many of the techniques that make them so effective along the way. By viewing the arrangements as you listen, you will gain valuable insight into the strategic decisions made by today’s hitmakers to help prime their songs for maximum impact, and come away with new tools, techniques, and ideas to apply to your own songs.

Through easy-to-follow labels and color-coded regions, each project details key aspects of the song including:

  • Structure (Form): View a visual representation of the song’s sections and stanzas.
  • Energy Flow: See how energy fluctuates both within and across sections. Compare vocals, instruments and arrangement to identify what is affecting energy and WHY it’s being done.
  • Harmony: Gain an understanding of how the song’s harmony was constructed. Both chords and roman numerals are provided.
  • Vocal Melody: See how melodic parts are structured within and across sections to attain the perfect balance of memorability and engagement.
  • Vocal Production: View how the effective use of doubling, multi-pitch layering, adlibs, notable effects and duet structure heighten a song’s impact.
  • Instruments: Learn what carries over from section to section to maintain continuity, and what changes to maintain interest and heighten engagement. All of the song’s primary instruments are detailed.
  • Techniques: Select techniques such as hooks techniques, S.I.A. techniques (section impact accentuators), “D” (departure) section techniques, and much more are included in each song arrangement as well. View the notepad to learn the what, how and why behind these techniques, and add them to your own technique toolbox.

A Starting Point for Your Own Musical Projects

In addition to being a valuable learning tool, these hit song arrangements make for a great starting point for your own compositions. Most hit songs feature similar structures and techniques, which make them sound familiar to audience and more easily connect. Imparting your own unique creativity within these structures will help set you apart and get noticed.

Easy To Get Started

Simply import your own audio copy of the song into the Logic project (note that it needs to be an .aif format). The audio will line up with the empty midi regions, and all that’s left to do is click “play” to watch the arrangement unfold. Each arrangement category is in a collapsible folder for easy viewing. Additionally, each arrangement comes with a PDF detailing all there is to know about everything contained in the project.

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