For $949/year, Premiere subscribers have access to everything a PRO subscription offers plus complimentary access to all virtual workshops:

Writing and Producing with a Hit Song Mentality (value of $299 each):
Using the Hit Songs Deconstructed methodology, this workshop takes a deep dive into the songwriting and production techniques being utilized in the songs that land in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, with a special focus on Max Martin hits. This workshop provides you with proven tools and techniques that will transform the way you approach your craft and get you writing and producing with a hit song mentality. This workshop takes place twice a year, once in the spring and once in the Fall.

The Hit Songs Deconstructed Quarterly Trend Briefs (value of $299):
At the beginning of every quarter, Hit Songs Deconstructed offers a Trend Brief, a live, online meeting offering a concise, data-driven snapshot of compositional and industry trends for the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. Trends are visualized by both line graphs, which show the evolution of each trend over the past year, and bar graphs, which provide a trend snapshot for the quarter.  Premiere subscribers are invited to attend the live meeting and also receive a complimentary PDF of the 100+ page report.

The Hit Songs Deconstructed PRO Report:
Our flagship report, it provides an unparalleled deep dive into the inner-workings of a current chart-topping hit, and leaves no stone unturned. Presented in a practical manner through a combination of charts, graphs, notation and commentary, the reader comes away with a full understanding of the what, how and why behind how the hit was written and produced and gains a wealth of songwriting and production techniques to add to their toolbox. Among the many areas covered are song structure, energy, genres and influences, instruments and accompaniment, harmony, vocal production and melody, lyrics, rhymes, narrative, Top 10 benchmarking and more. Readers can study the entire report, or hone in on one particular area of interest, such as vocal melody, across multiple reports.

The Essentials Report:
Think of the PRO report as the “novel” and the Essentials report as the “Cliffs Notes.” Based on the Hit Songs Deconstructed PRO report, this streamlined version details high-level takeaways, and compliments the PRO report by providing an alternative perspective, progressing from intro to outro.

The Genre Report:
This report provides subscribers with an at-a-glance comparison of the most popular compositional characteristics for each primary genre in the Top 10 of the Hot 100 for a specified quarter, across 25+ categories. Presented as a fully interactive table, the user has the ability click on each result to view the songs that possess that particular characteristic, and then further drill down on the song to view its compositional characteristics.

The Top 10 Compositional Trends Report:
This report details the compositional trends of the songs that chart in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 during a specific quarter across 28+ categories, including song length, genres and influences, instruments, the first chorus occurrence, tempo, key and more. The trend report is visualized with interactive trend graphs and provides the option of viewing them as line graphs, which show the evolution of each trend across a specified four-quarter time-period, or as bar graphs, which provide a trend snapshot for a specific quarter. Each data point is clickable and shows the songs behind the trends. Each song is clickable as well, and takes the reader to an abridged deconstruction detailing the song’s key characteristics.

IMMERSION Searchable Database:
Updated weekly, IMMERSION is a fully interactive database housing data on the key compositional characteristics and industry trends for songs in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. The database boasts over 200 searchable criteria, including genres and influences, lyrical themes, structural characteristics, songwriters, peak chart position, tempo and much more. IMMERSION provides users with the ability to search for songs based on criteria such as compositional characteristics and production techniques using filters such as date range, peak chart position, and genre, to name a few. It also offers the ability to search for artist and songwriter performance and view compositional and industry trends quarter over quarter and year over year. Results are displayed as charts, tables, line graphs and bar graphs with data points linking to the songs behind the trend. Each song is clickable as well and takes the reader to an abridged deconstruction detailing the song’s key characteristics.