Writing and Producing with a Hit Song Mentality

This workshop provides you with proven tools and techniques that will transform the way you approach your craft!

October 21 & 22 | 11am - 2pm | Regular Price: $299, Today: $209.30

Using Hit Songs Deconstructed methodology, we will examine Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 compositional trends and then take a deep dive into the songwriting and production techniques being utilized in the songs currently topping the charts. Case studies will include Closer, Despacito, Believer, Shape of You, Side To Side, I’m The One, and Body Like A Back Road, among many others.

This intensive workshop will be led by Hit Songs Deconstructed founder and editor-in-chief, David Penn. Past participants include songwriters and producers with Top 10 Hits in the US and UK as well as A&R’s and creative executives from major record labels and publishers.

Why attend this workshop? Most chart-topping hits, at their core, have one thing in common: they’re exceptionally well crafted and capitalize on today’s compositional trends to connect with the widest possible audience. However, that’s just one part of the equation, or else all songs would sound exactly the same! Most also possess something unique – some quality that helps them get noticed and be remembered. It’s how these unique qualities (melodies, rhythms, dynamics, etc.) are introduced throughout a song that is the recipe for success in today’s charts. By effectively blending the familiar and the unique, they stand out from the pack while still resonating with a large audience.

At the end of this workshop, you will walk away with an in-depth understanding of the songwriting and production techniques that make today’s chart-topping songs so effective and develop an instinctual approach to songwriting that will allow you to channel your unique creativity in a way that is primed for commercial success.