Good Songs Are Written, HIT Songs Are REwritten
Save up to 40% and get over $400 in added value, including a private feedback session with HSD Co-Founder, David Penn!
Saturdays from 11AM - 3PM ET on October 17th, October 31st, and November 14th.

You’ve written a song.

You love it. It’s amazing – pure inspiration…

But how do you know whether it has the potential to become a hit?

Hit songs aren’t written, they are rewritten.
And learning how to objectively assess your songs for strengths and weaknesses is an incredibly difficult task
That’s why Hit Songs Deconstructed has developed a proven step-by-step process to help guide you in the rewrite process.


Over the course of three Saturdays, this masterclass series will dive deep into techniques for assessing every aspect of your song: the melody and hooks, lyrics and rhymes, and the arrangement. You’ll walk away with:

  • A step-by-step process to help guide you in your rewrites
  • A granular checklist of questions to help you effectively assess every aspect of your song for strengths and weaknesses
  • Proven techniques for making your song catchier and more memorable
  • A better understanding of the psychology behind hit songwriting

This masterclass is intended to simplify your process and give you effective, tried-and-true methods that will help you become a more effective rewriter without ever having to sacrifice inspiration and creativity.

Your registration includes:

  • The live masterclass(es) with plenty of time for your questions
  • The masterclass(es) presentation decks
  • A proprietary step-by-step process and checklist to help guide you through your rewrite process
  • The video of the masterclass, which will be made available following the masterclass


What knowledge of songwriting and music theory do I need to understand what is being taught?
A solid foundation in the basic craft of songwriting and music theory is highly recommended.

Who is this meant for?
Songwriters, producers and music industry professionals who have the goal of being involved in today’s mainstream music scene.

What is the basis for the material covered?
We will focus on recent Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hits.

How will the material be conveyed?
The presentation will feature a combination of audio examples, graphs, charts, and commentary to illustrate principals and techniques

Will the video of the live masterclass be available after the conclusion of the masterclass?
Yes, the video is posted to the masterclass portal after the masterclass concludes.

Video Recording and Materials

Learn how to determine whether you are effectively:

  • Incorporating the core components of a hit song melody
  • Structuring melodies within and across sections
  • Strategically writing and arranging your hooks
  • Making use of nano hooks and hook foreshadowing
  • Using A.M.P.’s (alternating melodic patterns)
  • Priming your chorus for maximum impact
  • And much more!
Video Recording and Materials

Learn how to determine whether you are effectively:

  • Creating a strategically structured narrative designed to keep the listener engaged from start to finish
  • Heightening memorability through methodically structured rhyme schemes
  • Bolstering the impact of your storyline through the use of the A.I.D.E. principle (action, imagery, detail, emotion)
  • Using attention-grabbing opening lines, clever lyricism and nonsense lyrics to take engagement to the next level
  • And much more!
Saturday, May 21st @ 11AM EST

Learn how to determine whether you are effectively:

  • Selecting elements that serve the song, the artist and the marketplace
  • Arranging the elements to achieve a perfect balance of memorability and engagement while maintaining prosody
  • Creating an engaging energy flow that keeps your listeners engaged from start to finish
  • Maximizing the impact of every song section
  • Creating standout, attention-grabbing moments
  • And much more!

Your Masterclass Instructor

David Penn, Co-Founder, Hit Songs Deconstructed

David is a recognized expert in the craft and trends behind hit songs and has been featured by Billboard, Variety, Music Week, Canadian Musician Radio, BMI, Financial Times, and the Economist, to name a few. He also regularly guest lectures at top universities such as Berklee College of Music, NYU, and Frost School of Music, as well as at industry events such as Music Biz, DIY Musician Conference and others.

A music connoisseur of all time periods and genres, he is a “go-to” consultant for songwriters, producers, publishers and labels.

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