Empower Yourself with Cutting-Edge Tools that Keep You In Tune with the Craft and Trends Driving Today’s Hits

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A PREMIERE subscription also includes:

  • Complimentary Access to Our Flagship Workshop: Writing & Producing with a Hit Song Mentality (value of $349 each). Twice a year, Hit Songs Deconstructed runs its signature workshop, Writing & Producing with a Hit Song Mentality. This intensive two-day, six-hour workshop will transform the way you approach your craft and is designed to help you immediately take your craft to the next level,  connect with a wider audience, capitalize on trends, and channel your creativity for commercial success.
  • Quarterly Trend Briefs: These concise videos provide you with the quarterly update you need to stay on top of current trends, extracting the most important information from our Quarterly Trend Reports.  Trends are illustrated through charts, graphs, commentary and song clips.
  • Complimentary access to all on-demand videos. You’ll have unlimited access to all of our on-demand workshop videos, webinars and more.

A PRO Subscription Includes

  • The IMMERSION Database: Updated weekly as songs enter the Hot 100 Top 10, this robust, fully interactive database offers hundreds of different searches using over 200 compositional criteria that can be mixed and matched to help you find the perfect reference track, get inspired, spot compositional trends on the rise or in decline, compare compositional characteristics across songs, songwriters, artists, producers, and record labels, and more.
  • A Curated Searchable Archive of Hit Songwriting Techniques: This archive, culled from today’s biggest hits, provides you with access to the latest techniques being used in today’s hits. Whether you want to maximize the impact of a chorus, improve dynamic flow, or gain insight into duet structure options, our technique archive has it all right at your fingertips.
  • A Library of DAW Arrangements of Recent Hits: Our custom library of downloadable Logic sessions is the perfect way for you to take a deeper dive into today’s hits, so that you can analyze each track, instrument by instrument and section by section, or use it as a template to get started on your own musical projects.
  • Quarterly Hit Song Deconstructed Reports: These in-depth reports have been referred by some as a “thesis deserving of a degree.”  They provide in-depth analysis and unparalleled insight into the songwriting and production techniques used to craft a current chart-topping hit.
  • Quarterly Hit Song Deconstructed Videos: Approximately one hour long, each video offers a one-on-one lesson focusing on the techniques used to craft a hit – from intro to outro – with DAW visualizations of vocal melody and arrangement.
  • Quarterly Trend Reports: These reports deliver a data-driven snapshot of Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 compositional and industry trends. Among topics covered are compositional trends such as genres, influences, instruments, tempo, key and song structure characteristics. On the industry side, we cover an array of artist, writer and label trends such as chart performance (staying power, placement, and prominence), single artist vs. featured artists, songwriter/artist collaborations and more.

Whether you want to work with trends or against them, Hit Songs Deconstructed is an invaluable tool that can help you hone your craft and stay ahead of the curve as the sounds shaping today's hits continuously evolve.

  • Spot current, evolving, and waning trends.
  • Hone your craft by studying proven current hits.
  • Stay on top of latest writing and production techniques.
  • Understand WHY today’s hits connect with such a wide audience.
  • Channel unique creativity into commercially viable songs.
  • Make more targeted pitches to music libraries and production houses who are looking for current sounding music and/or sound-alikes for spots.
  • Select a single
  • Weave emerging trends into the final mix just prior to a song’s release
  • Identify ways to increase a song’s cross-over potential
  • Quantify gut feelings for trends with factual data.
  • Improve communication between creative executives / A&R’s and writers.
  • Benchmark new songs and artists against those with a proven track record.
  • Stay ahead of the curve, as the sounds shaping today’s hits continuously evolve

Use discount code "PRESDAY2019".