Powerful Analytics for Today's Music Industry Professional.

Forward-thinking creatives and music industry professionals understand the importance of being in tune with songwriting trends and view it as a powerful tool that works hand-in-hand with the creative process.

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Hit Songs Deconstructed helps you understand today's mainstream music scene at the compositional level. It provides you with cutting-edge tools to make informed songwriting, production and business decisions armed with actual hit songwriting analytics.

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The IMMERSION Searchable Database:
Analytics You Can't Get Anywhere Else

IMMERSION is your gateway to understanding the mainstream music scene at the compositional level. With a focus on the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10, IMMERSION provides you with an array of tools to stay in tune with current and emerging trends for today’s hits.

Why the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10? Because these are the songs that are most successful and reflect the pulse of today’s mainstream music in the US.

Updated weekly as songs enter the Top 10, this robust, fully interactive database houses proprietary data for the compositional characteristics of these songs, as well as related industry data for songwriters, artists, producers and record labels.

Searches include the ability find songs with very specific compositional characteristics, search for compositional and industry trends, and compare compositional characteristics across multiple songwriters, artists, producers, record labels and songs.

Every song in the database includes a dedicated page detailing its key compositional characteristics related to genres and influences, lead vocal, lyrics and song structure, as well as other useful information such chart position, links to lyrics, the official video and more.

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The Hit Song Deconstructed Report:
The Inner-Workings of Hit Songs

Our flagship report, The Hit Song Deconstructed Report provides unparalleled insight into the inner-workings of a current chart-topping hit.  Each report contains a wealth of actionable insights that will help you take your craft to a heightened level.

Leaving no stone unturned, this report meticulously analyzes the songwriting and production techniques that went into crafting the song, including song structure, energy, genres and influences, instruments and accompaniment, harmony, vocal production and melody, lyrics, rhymes, narrative, and more.

These reports have been described as “a thesis deserving of a degree by Grammy-winning producer/recording artist KC Porter, and Grammy Award winner/Berklee College of Music Professor, Prince Charles Alexander, has expressed that the “level of depth in a single Hit Songs Deconstructed report is a full semester’s worth of information.”

By studying these reports, you will learn what makes the song so effective and come away with an array of tools and techniques to help you channel your unique creativity for success.

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Quarterly Trend Report:
A snapshot of Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 Trends

With music evolving at lightning speed, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Published on a quarterly basis, The Trend Report keeps you in tune with compositional and industry trends for the songs that reflect the pulse of today’s mainstream music in the US, the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10.

In this report, we look at a range of compositional trends such as key, tempo, instruments, genres, influences, and song structure characteristics. On the industry side, we cover an array of artist, writer and label trends such as chart performance (staying power, placement and prominence), single artist vs. featured artists, songwriter/artist collaborations and more.

Songwriters, producers, and engineers:

  • Channel unique artistic vision to connect with the widest possible audience
  • Stay on the cutting edge with the latest songwriting and production techniques
  • Get through the door – and stay in the door – with publishers and labels
  • Develop an instinctual approach to writing songs for mainstream success
  • Stay current and relevant in a fast-changing musical landscape

Publishers, labels, music libraries, and production houses:

  • Gain a broader and deeper understanding today’s mainstream music landscape
  • Stay ahead of the curve by spotting current, evolving and waning trends
  • Supplement sales, streaming, engagement, and radio airplay data with insight into the compositional trends behind those numbers
  • Maximize communication between A&R, creative executives, artists, writers, and producers
  • Quantify “gut feeling” with factual data