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Hit Songs Deconstructed Empowers You with the Craft and Trends Driving Today’s Hits

Our proprietary data and analysis keep labels and publishers ahead of the curve and provide cutting-edge tools to make strategic songwriting, production and business decisions armed with hit songwriting analytics.

Leading music industry professionals understand the importance of being in tune with current songwriting trends and view it as a powerful tool that works hand-in-hand with the creative process.

That's why they subscribe to Hit Songs Deconstructed. We empower music industry professionals with tools that provide an edge for success in this fast-changing musical landscape.

Songwriting analytics can help you:

  • Spot compositional trends on the rise and in decline
  • Leverage seasonal trends
  • Select a single
  • Weave emerging trends into the final mix just prior to a song’s release
  • Identify ways to increase a song’s cross-over potential
  • Benchmark songs against those with a successful track record
  • Improve communication by referencing factual compositional data
  • Quantify gut feelings
  • And stay ahead of the curve, as the sounds shaping today’s hits continuously evolve

While analytics for sales, streams, radio airplay, downloads and engagement are extremely valuable, supplementing that data with analytics for how hits are evolving at the compositional level is equally important.

Find out how Hit Songs Deconstructed's powerful tools can give you an edge for success in this fast-changing musical landscape.