Hit Songs Deconstructed Benchmark Report

Find out how your song stacks up against the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 with a custom Hit Songs Deconstructed Benchmark Report!

Using the Hit Songs Deconstructed methodology, we will do an analysis of your song’s key compositional characteristics and compare them to those of the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 during the past year. Your custom Benchmark Report will provide you with a detailed picture of which aspects of your song are in line with today’s Billboard Top 10 Hits, and which are not.

The following compositional characteristics of your song are benchmarked against the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10:

Lead Vocals

  • Single vs. Multiple Lead Vocalists
  • Lead Vocal Gender
  • Lead Vocal Delivery

Lyrics & Title

  • Lyrical Themes
  • Song Title Word Count
  • Song Title Appearances

Genres / Influences

  • Primary Genre
  • Influences

General Characteristics and Instrumentation

  • Major vs. Minor
  • Tempo Range
  • Song Length Range
  • Prominent Instruments


  • First Section
  • Intro Length Range
  • Verse Section Count
  • Use Of A Pre-Chorus
  • Pre-Chorus Section Count
  • First Chorus: Time Into Song Range
  • Chorus Section Count
  • Use of a Post Chorus
  • Post Chorus Sections
  • Post Chorus Characteristics (Top 3)

Structure (continued)

  • Use of a Bridge or Bridge Surrogate
  • Use of an Instrumental Break
  • Instrumental Break Section Count
  • Use of a Vocal Break
  • Vocal Break Section Count
  • Last Section
  • Outro Length Range
  • Outro (Recycled Vs. New Material)
  • Ending (Resolved/False/Fade)
  • Ending (Abrupt/Sustained/Fade)

We offer two types of custom Benchmark Reports:

Basic: $99

This concise, data-driven benchmark report provides you with:

  • An easy-to-read table detailing:
    • A deconstruction of your song’s compositional characteristics
    • Corresponding data for what is most popular in the Top 10
    • Which of your song’s compositional characteristics are in line with the Top 10, and which are not.
  • A section detailing the prominence of your song’s compositional characteristics within the Top 10
  • Reference material detailing the most successful songs, record labels, producers, artists and songwriters for your song’s genre

PRO: $299

This report offers the same information as the Basic Report plus:

  • Trend Analysis:
    Visualized through graphs and commentary, the trend analysis shows you which of your song’s key compositional characteristics are increasing in prominence or declining in relation to the Hot 100 Top 10. Trend data includes primary genre, influences, major vs. minor, tempo, lead vocal gender and lead vocal delivery.
  • Song Evaluation:
    A high-level assessment of your song is provided. We detail its core strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for ways to take your song to the next level.