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Hit Song Compositional Analytics | Songwriting & Production Techniques | Songwriting Trends

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Hit Songs Deconstructed helps you identify what today’s hits have in common, what’s helping them stand out, which compositional trends are on the rise, which are in decline, the songwriting and production techniques being used in today’s most successful songs, and more!

The IMMERSION Searchable Database:
Analytics You Won't Find Anywhere Else

IMMERSION is a fully interactive database housing proprietary data not available anywhere else for the the songs that land in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Updated weekly as songs enter the top 10, this robust database gives you the ability to search for songwriting trends, compare compositional characteristics across songs, songwriters, artists, producers, and record labels, and find songs that have specific compositional characteristics.

The Hit Song Deconstructed Report:
The Inner-Workings of Hit Songs

Presented through a combination of commentary, charts, graphs, and notation, these reports provide unparalleled insight into the inner-workings of a current chart-topping song and analyze the songwriting and production techniques that helped make the song a hit. Among the many areas covered are song structure, energy, genres and influences, instruments and accompaniment, harmony, vocal production and melody, lyrics, rhymes, narrative, Top 10 benchmarking and more.

Each report also features a companion downloadable Logic PRO X Project with the correct meter, tempo and song arrangement displayed as empty MIDI regions for each instrument.

Quarterly Trend Brief:
A snapshot of Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 Trends

Published on a quarterly basis, this report delivers a concise, data-driven snapshot of Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 compositional and industry trends.

Among the many topics covered are compositional trends such as genres, influences, instruments, tempo, key and song structure characteristics. On the industry side, we cover an array of artist, writer and label trends such as chart performance (staying power, placement, and prominence), single artist vs. featured artists, songwriter/artist collaborations and more.

Hit Song Deconstructed Videos:
Narrated and Visualized in Logic Pro X

These videos take you on a section-by-section walkthrough – from intro to outro – of the songwriting and production techniques used to craft a chart-topping hit.

Videos are led by Hit Songs Deconstructed co-founder, David Penn, they are approximately one hour long, and each section is visualized with its arrangement in Logic Pro X.

Hit Songwriting Technique Archive:
Hooks, Genre Fusion, Duet Structure, and More

This archive, culled from today’s biggest hits, include examples of an array of hook techniques, techniques to hook the listener in and leave them wanting more, genre fusion techniques, duet structure techniques, and much more.

How will you benefit from a subscription?

  • Hone your craft by studying proven current hits.
  • Stay on top of latest writing and production techniques.
  • Understand WHY today’s hits connect with such a wide audience.
  • Channel unique creativity into commercially viable songs.
  • Make more targeted pitches to music libraries and production houses who are looking for current sounding music and/or sound-alikes for spots.
  • Spot current, evolving, and waning trends.
  • Select a single
  • Weave emerging trends into the final mix just prior to a song’s release
  • Identify ways to increase a song’s cross-over potential
  • Quantify gut feelings for trends with factual data.
  • Supplement sales, streaming, engagement, and radio airplay data with insight into the compositional trends behind those numbers.
  • Improve communication between creative executives / A&R’s and writers.
  • Benchmark new songs and artists against those with a proven track record.
  • Stay ahead of the curve, as the sounds shaping today’s hits continuously evolve

Use discount code "OneDollarADay". Offer Expires Monday, November 26th.