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Penn's Picks: Muddy Waters – Got My Mojo Working



Artist: Muddy Waters
Song/Album: Got My Mojo Working / n/a
Writer(s): Ann Cole (Original version), Muddy Waters
Year Released: 1956
Genre/Sub Genre: Blues

“Got My Mojo Workin” was originally written by Ann Cole back in 1956. It was Muddy Water’s version, however, that inspired countless “up and coming” Rock acts of the early 60’s including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Yardbirds and The Animals, just to name a few.

Take Note Of This:
Muddy’s stage presence and charisma (specifically from 3:40 through the end of the song).

Why it’s a “Penn’s Pick”:
There are two primary reasons why I chose this version of “Got My Mojo Working” as a Penn’s Pick. First, it’s for the sheer driving power of the song. Keep in mind that this performance at the Newport Folk Festival took place in 1960 – before the Beatles, the Stones and the Animals. It was songs like this that helped to inspire and launch the whole British Invasion that began to take shape just a couple of years later.

The second reason is for a lesson in STAGE PRESENCE AND CHARISMA. Just watch how Muddy owns and commands the stage, and the audience for that matter. There are very few artists in the history of Popular Music that exuded such confidence. Muddy was one of the best, and has rarely been equaled.