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How to Make a Hit Song Through Collaboration



When thinking about a hit song, whether past or present, it may be easily unnoticed as to how many elements have built up in order to successfully create that record. During the process of deconstruction it’s understood that perhaps up to 99% of the time, different sources of people have come together to create this hit song, and without each other it could not be what it is.

These people that contribute to the hit song have different backgrounds and areas of expertise of which goes on to create one complete and unique package. These areas include the likes of: producers, the artist themselves, band members, session musicians, mastering, songwriters and even artist management. Each of these roles is important as one another in terms of creating the product and a success story to go with it.

One thing to take away from this could be the key to success of working with people in the music industry and the importance of branching out. After all, this is the difference between writing a hit song, and writing a hit record. A hit song could be written but if the right people aren’t taking part, and there is no view to branch out to other areas to get these people, then it’s hard for the song to become a hit record by limiting its ability. It’s important that a song isn’t sheltered and reaches its full potential in order to be successful, thus making it a hit record. The song needs to be heard and worked by the right people and distributed effectively, as opposed to sheltered and heard locally to a limited demographic. How the ‘right people’ can be defined is dependent on the aims of the song, and the ideas/strategies set in place for it.

There are many things to be learned/taken away from successfully working with other people within the industry. For instances, co-writing could go on to inspire and elevate one’s skills and thought processes, helping to see broader approaches and different points of view. This plays a major part in the role of career development, opening new opportunities in any area of expertise. This is vital for developing the approach to future projects; actively learning whilst contributing to the completion of a potential future hit record.

The power of collaboration is huge, and in the majority of cases can only go on to help further and develop a project. Reaching out to the right people and broadening the approach could increase chances of the success story, also resulting with a high quality and well thought out product. After all, the music industry is a very competitive environment so collaborating with others, providing you with the knowledge and best practices becomes increasingly effective to prime your hit song for success, making it into a hit record.

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This article was written by Jamie Ford from Music Gateway. Connecting music industry professionals globally through targeted project opportunities.