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70s/80s Rock & New Wave: The Next Big Thing?



Of all the trends that shaped the sound of the songs that landed in the Hot 100 Top 10 during the last couple of quarters, Retro has been one of the hottest. Since Q3 of 2014, the percentage of songs that feature a Retro influence has jumped from 20% up to almost 50% of songs.

The most prevalent influence has been the sound of the late 1970s to early/mid 1980s. Most of the representative songs feature an R&B/Soul, Funk or straight-up Pop influence, such as Uptown Funk, Jealous, Love Me Like You Do, Sugar and Style. However, the entry of Shut Up And Dance marked the arrival of 80s influenced Rock and New Wave ala the Cars, Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar, to name a few.

This Penn’s Pick playlist focuses on the New Wave and Pop/Rock scene of the era. In it you’ll find familiar studio cuts, live performances, as well as obscure gems that never made it into the upper reaches of the charts.

Is this the next logical step in the mainstream? Wait and see!