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  • Happy - Pharrell Williams
  • Timber - Pitbull f. Ke$ha
  • Dark Horse - Katy Perry
  • Cruise - FGL & Nelly
  • Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

HSD Charts
HSD Charts

Published weekly, the Hit Songs Deconstructed Charts provide you with unique insight into today's hit songwriting trends by spotlighting the characteristics driving the Billboard Hot 100 top 10.

Use these charts to stay in-the-know and current in a fast changing musical landscape!

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  • Q3 Who's Writing The Hits?

HSD Wire
HSD Wire
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Penn's Picks

This Week's Feature: Devo: Gut Feeling

From the obscure to timeless classics, Dave gives his personal picks showcasing songs for their compositional prowess and effect on the course of music history.

Song and Artist Development

Part critique, part coaching and part producing, this personalized multi-phase program is designed to take both your song and your songwriting skills to the next level.

Custom Reports

Hit Songs Deconstructed provides the music industry with a range of highly customized services including: A&R, Tailored critiquing and coaching, Custom reports, Targeted research for upcoming projects and more.

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Utilized by songwriters, producers, music industry executives and universities throughout the world, Hit Songs Deconstructed is dedicated to providing its subscribers with an in-depth understanding of the craft and trends that shape TODAY'S chart-topping hits for success in TODAY'S music industry.

We break today's hit songs down to their core, extract the craft that made them a hit, and provide you with the knowledge and best practices to help prime you for success in a very competitive, fast changing musical landscape, while remaining true to your own unique artistic vision.

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