Sam Smith & Kim Petras

The K.I.S.S. ME Principle Case Study

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"Spot on with the analysis and relevant to any composer, songwriter, or producer in the game now.”

Dr. O
Producer, Young M.A., Chris Brown, Lil Wayne

"Even though I’ve been writing professionally for over ten years, I’ve found several nuggets of gold that have improved my writing already."

Roy Stride
Hit Songwriter, Producer, Artist One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Scouting for Girls

“This is the most thorough master class that I have attended. Recommend it to all."

Sandy Chen
Songwriter, Warner Chappell Music

"I can't stress enough how important HSD is to any serious professional hit songwriter."

Hilton Wright II
Record Producer/Songwriter

"I have written songs for years and although I focus on the story and the method of rhymes, I had know idea what I was missing."

Wendy Elston Davis

“This was one of the most thorough, well-presented and thought-out master classes on pop writing I have ever experienced."

Jay Rodriguez
Grammy nominated musician, film composer, producer and arranger Prince, Elvis Costello, Miley Cyrus, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Akon, Wu Tang Clan, DJ Premiere, Guru

"A superbly organized and heavily detailed study of all things Max."

Andy Karp
Partner, Artist Haven

"I was blown away by the Max Martin Hits masterclass. So thorough and insightful - a great blend of theory and art."

Amy Sky
Recording Artist/Songwriter/Producer

“Insight like no other into vocal melodic patterns of pop hit songs.”

Pablo Arango

"Hit Songs Deconstructed will equip you with tools that will allow you to make hit songs more consistently."

Lyburn Geldenhuis
A&R/Producer/Songwriter/Mixing Engineer

"I highly recommend all of the courses from Hit Songs Deconstructed. If you're a songwriter, there's always something new to be learned in their workshops and masterclasses!"

Andrew Colyer
Recording Artist/Performer/Composer

"These are not just songwriting tips and tricks; these workshops are a masterclass in hit songwriting."

George Haughton

“The masterclass was so informative! Seeing what I usually hear in a visual form really solidifies things. I love the multiple visual explanations!”

Carrie Cunnignham
Singer, songwriter, live sound engineer, auctioneer, CEO of Sound Barn Publishing

"It opened my mind to a more structured approach to the melody writing part of my own songs. The analysis are deep and logical. Everything in this is very helpful."

Paolo Nanni

"If a McKinsey consultant were to study Max Martin, something like this masterclass would be there deliverable. Excellent, pragmatic , actionable analysis - thank you!"

Kari Loya

"As a longtime songwriter, I learned some new things and some valuable tips and tricks."

Gerald O'Brien

"You combined elements I've tried to put together through hours of studies, videos, and books into something straightforward and easy to understand."

Reanne Howell

"Tons of fantastic tips and information on how to create hit songs. I learned so much!"

Brett Steelhammer

"I am stunned by the WEALTH of information available through this program, and the manner in which it was presented. Very impressive!"

Nick Martin

"I have never seen hit songs broken down in such an accurate and detailed way."

Jerome Baylor
Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist, Topline Writer, Beat Producer

"Well done HSD for providing the songwriting community with invaluable information and analysis."

Carl Corcoran
Songwriter/Broadcaster/Industry Consultant/Director of MA Songwriting Irish World Academy University of Limerick, Board Member Music Network Ireland