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In this competitive musical landscape, it's critical to leverage tools that can help you gain an edge for success and maximize your creative output.

Hit Songs Deconstructed helps you do just that!

Platform Overview

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Hit Song Deconstructed Reports Yes Yes
Hit Song Deconstructed Videos Yes Yes
Compositional Trend Searches Yes Yes
Industry Trend Searches Yes Yes
Songwriting Techniques Archive Yes Yes
Song Searches Yes Yes
Downloadable Logic Arrangements for Today’s Hits Yes Yes
Trend Reports Yes Yes
Video Trend Briefs No Yes
Writing & Producing with a Hit Song Mentality (value of $349) No Yes
On Demand Access to Workshops No Yes

Maximize your creative output, take your craft to the next level, and stay ahead of the curve as the sounds shaping today's hits rapidly evolve!

Our mission is to provide you with tools that give you an edge for success in a fast-changing musical landscape with proprietary data and analysis that can't be found anywhere else.

  • Stay ahead of the curve, as the sounds shaping today’s hits evolve
  • Update your toolbox with the latest songwriting and production techniques
  • Gain insight into an artist’s, songwriter’s, producer’s body of work at the compositional level
  • Search for songs that match very specific compositional criteria for inspiration or to find reference tracks to take into the studio
  • Make more targeted pitches to music libraries and production houses
  • Use our Logic arrangements to get started on a new musical projects or soundalikes


  • Spot compositional trends on the rise and in decline
  • Gain an understanding of seasonal trends
  • Leverage data related to current trends to help select a single
  • Weave emerging trends into the final mix just prior to a song’s release
  • Identify ways to increase a song’s cross-over potential
  • Benchmark songs against those with a successful track record
  • Improve communication by referencing factual compositional data
  • Quantify gut feelings