Hit Song Video Deconstructions

A section by section walk-through of the songwriting and production techniques used to craft these hits.

About Hit Song Deconstructed Video Deconstructions

In these videos, Hit Songs Deconstructed co-founder, David Penn, takes you on a section-by-section walk-through – from intro to outro – discussing the songwriting and production techniques utilized to craft the song.

The video begins with a review of the song's songwriters, producers, label and charting Information, form, structure and harmony. You’re then taken through each section of the song where we dive deeper into narrative, vocal characteristics & production, vocal melody, accompaniment, and energy. The video concludes with a macro recap of some of the song's key compositional characteristics. The vocal melody and arrangement for each section of the song are visualized in Logic, so you can easily see and hear the techniques being utilized and how it all comes together.

Each video is approximately one-hour long and includes:
- Downloadable presentation deck
- Companion downloadable Logic Pro X project (correct meter, tempo & song arrangement displayed as empty MIDI regions)
- Unlimited video streams

Sucker Deconstructed

$49.99 | 1:34

God Is A Woman Deconstructed

$49.99 | 1:15

Youngblood Deconstructed

$49.99 | 0:57

Meant To Be Deconstructed

$49.99 | 1:06

The Middle Deconstructed

$49.99 | 1:15

Havana Deconstructed

$49.99 | 1:10