If your goal is to attain commercial success, then it's imperative that you approach your craft with that goal in mind.

So what exactly does that mean?

It means priming your songs to connect with wide-spread audiences and keep them coming back for more. And one of the most effective ways to do this is by leveraging proven tools and techniques that today’s hitmakers use to help send their songs to the top of the charts.

During this intensive one and a half hour workshop led by Hit Songs Deconstructed co-founder David Penn, you will learn techniques culled from today’s biggest hits for optimizing three strategic, and often overlooked, sections of a song as well as techniques for maximizing the impact of the most important section in any song – the chorus.

With a focus on how these techniques contribute to memorability, engagement, and emotional connection, this workshop is designed to help you learn how to combine your unique creativity with proven techniques to prime your songs for commercial success.

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What a valuable presentation. As both a songwriter, and music industry professional, your insight was really fascinating and provided a new lens with which to edit and evaluate music.
-Karen D.

I loved your presentation. Got a lot of insight in the short time.
-Tina F.

I loved your session today, man! SO much information!
-Jo Jo

I really enjoyed your presentation and your analyses were incredibly helpful both for my work as an educator and as a fellow songwriter.
- Alper T.

Thanks for the great presentation, I learned a lot!
-Andrew P.

It's always helpful to see someone breakdown song structures like that.
- Sebastian C.

I attended your presentation and it was awesome! Thanks!
- Andy H.

Thank you for presenting today. I REALLY appreciate your ability to display data.
- Suvi C.