Where Creativity and Science Intersect

Saturdays @ 11AM ET on October 9, 16, and 30, November 13 and 20, December 4th

Today’s hitmakers understand that
great music is made where art and science meet.

That’s why they combine their unique creativity with tried and true techniques for arranging their songs, composing earworm melodies, and writing lyrics that connect with widespread audiences.

If you want to compete at the highest levels, you need to start using them too.

Sometimes you just can’t get a song out of your head…
want to know why?

Over the course of three months and six classes, this live hands-on masterclass will get you into the hit songwriter mindset, providing you with unique insight into the latest trends and techniques to help you and your songs compete on the hit song stage.

Using the Hit Songs Deconstructed methodology and an array of in-depth Hot 100 Top 10 case studies, each class will get you in tune with current trends and focus on techniques for optimizing specific aspects of your song. Following each class, you will receive proprietary Hit Songs Deconstructed materials to help you assess your song for strengths and weaknesses and apply the techniques learned.

This is a hands-on masterclass during which you will write an original song from start to finish.

Over the course of this masterclass, you will write a brand new song and apply the techniques you learn during each class to optimize its impact and success potential in today’s mainstream marketplace. In between each segment, you will have the opportunity to post your song to the masterclass portal to receive feedback on the progress of your song from fellow participants. The  masterclass will conclude with a group listening session where you will play your song for the group, discuss your process, and get additional feedback.

One-on-one coaching throughout the masterclass is also available. To learn more email customerservice@hitsongsdeconstructed.com

What topics will be covered over the course of this masterclass?
  • Getting into the hit song mindset and channeling your unique creativity for success in today’s mainstream marketplace
  • Creating and arranging earworm melodies
  • Writing engaging lyrics and effective rhyme schemes
  • Creating an engaging & memorable arrangement and energy flow
  • The key techniques used in producing, editing and mixing today’s hits, including both vocal and instrumental production
  • Strategic song section optimization and hook maximization techniques
  • Current trends, techniques and best practices for maximizing audience connection value and engagement
  • October 9th: S.A.M. (Serving the Song, Artist, and Marketplace)
  • October: 16th: Hit Song Melody and Hooks
  • October 30th: Hit Song Lyrics
  • November 13th: Hit Song Arrangement
  • November 20th: Hit Song Production
  • December 4th: Final Listening Session

Your masterclass registration includes six live online classes (segments are not pre-recorded), personalized feedback on your original song, workshop materials, and videos of each class. Classes are between 3 – 4 hours long.

Your masterclass registration includes six live online classes (segments are not pre-recorded), personalized feedback on your original song, workshop materials, and videos of each class.

*Dates subject to change.

Masterclass Instructors
Dave Headshot-3

David Penn
Co-Founder, Hit Songs Deconstructed

David is a recognized expert in the craft and trends behind hit songs and has been featured by Billboard, Variety, Music Week, Canadian Musician Radio, BMI, Financial Times, and the Economist, to name a few. He also regularly guest lectures at top universities such as Berklee College of Music, NYU, and Frost School of Music, as well as at industry events such as Music Biz, DIY Musician Conference and others.
A music connoisseur of all time periods and genres, he is a “go-to” consultant for songwriters, producers, publishers and labels.

PC Headshot-3

Special Guest Prince Charles Alexander
Grammy winning, multi-platinum music producer, mixing engineer and professor at Berklee College of Music

Prince Charles Alexander is a Grammy winning, multi-platinum music producer, mixing engineer and professor at Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, he created the Commercial Record Production minor curriculum for the Music Production and Engineering major, co-authored the Vocal Production course and authored the Commercial Vocal Production graduate course for Berklee Online. From 2005 to 2014 he also taught at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

Prince Charles’ client list includes Mary J. Blige, Sting, Destiny’s Child, Aretha Franklin, the Notorious B.I.G., J Lo and Diddy. But, his most recent successes are those of his former students, including two that are currently garnering huge success as artists in the music industry, Charlie Puth and Maggie Rogers.

Inside the Hit Song Matrix is for you if:

• You want to compete at the highest levels and attain continued commercial success
• You want new tools to evaluate your songs' strengths and weaknesses and help prime them for maximum impact
• You are ready to take the leap and combine your unique creativity with a little bit of science
• You are willing to devote time to virtually collaborate with other participants in between classes to apply the techniques covered

By applying the techniques you learn during this masterclass to your music, you will take your writing and producing skills to the next level, regardless of the genre you’re working in.

Limited Seats Available

To participate in this masterclass, you must commit to actively work on an original song from start to finish. If you do not wish to work on a new song, you may purchase the individual masterclass segments.
Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Testimonials from Past Hit Songs Deconstructed Masterclass Participants

“The Hit Song Matrix Masterclass has been instrumental in my learning and creative processes. The knowledge given was vast yet digestible. The team was passionate, professional and dedicated to helping me understand and apply all of the material. I would HIGHLY recommend this masterclass to anyone who is serious about making music.”
– Kory Fulton

“This Masterclass was phenomenal. There was so much detail on every class, and each topic was presented in a clear and concise way. The presenters were wonderful, they provided examples of everything discussed and did not skip over any questions we had and took ample time to answer each one. I highly recommend taking their classes!”
– Kaitlyn Mann

“After every single segment I rewrote my song paying attention to a different aspect of the song. One week just the lyrics, one week just the melody, one week just the production, etc. It gave me such a different way of looking at rewrites and what can be changed, really digging into the detail of every aspect of my song. It was a massive eye opener for me, and I highly recommend this masterclass!”
– Tanja Utunen

“Not only are the presenters very knowledgeable and helpful, but the course materials are professionally put together. We had fun collaborating as a group of classmates, too. The course is so packed full of useful details that I will be referring to it again and again during my future songwriting work.”
– Cheryl Ostor

“What a class! Even as an avid student (and teacher) of theory and musical analysis, I had never seen the granular and global view to a song that Hit Songs Deconstructed presents. In a course that is part songwriting, part production, and part music theory, we dove deep, often measure by measure, line by line, or hook by hook! Equally valuable was the opportunity to workshop one of our own tunes through the course of the master class, applying the techniques that we learned from Billboard Top 100 tunes to our own works, gaining invaluable guidance directly from the HSD team. And we had a great group of fellow students to work and share ideas with, too! Highly recommended!!!”
– Anthony Postman

“Sometimes you take courses where the teachers are not approachable or don’t know how to teach. They were so kind, genuinely cared about my growth and are AMAZING teachers. If you are able to take this course do it, you won’t regret it.”
– Jeannie Lambert

“Amazing! From the depth of your analysis, to the techniques you covered, to the practical tools you provided us with, to the the level of professionalism of each masterclass. I’m really honored and profoundly grateful for all I learned from you.”
– Patrick Gorce

“The one-on-one interaction provided by instructors enabled me to recreate a song that I now consider to be very powerful. Their overall knowledge in the business is second to none. I recommend this course to any inspiring producer or songwriter that is serious about their craft. This is a must do masterclass!”
– Reginald Wiseman


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Guest Speakers

Service Image

Rick BarkerHost of the Music Industry Blueprint PodcastFormer Manager of Taylor Swift

Rick Barker is host of the Music Industry Blueprint podcast and former manager of superstar Taylor Swift.

During his presentation, he is going to talk to you about best practices for getting your music in front of an audience using social media. You’ll learn what social platforms you need to be on, what type of content you should be posting, how often, and how to automate things to save time. Rick will also hone in on social media best practices that are specific to your role in the industry, whether you are a songwriter, a producer, or an artist.

At the end of his presentation he will take your questions.

Service Image

iLL FactorGrammy Nominated ProducerFounder of Beat Academy

ill Factor is the founder of Beat Academy and a Grammy nominated producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Justin Timberlake, Calvin Harris, Cher, Skylar Grey, Natasha Bedinfield, and that’s just to name a few.

During his session, he will share production techniques and best practices geared to take your songs to the next level and then show you how to recreate some of the sounds and beats from our masterclass case studies in Logic from scratch. During this presentation he will also reveal some of his own personal tips and tricks, take your questions and, after the presentation has concluded, make all the sounds and beats created during this live session available for download, so you can add them to your personal library.