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Saturday, November 13th | 11AM - 2:30PM | A Live Online Masterclass

Earworm melodies and stellar lyrics are only part of the equation when it comes to crafting hits that compete at the highest levels. Today’s hitmakers know that it’s how a song is strategically arranged that seals the deal.

This masterclass will pull back the curtain on the patterns behind how today’s hits are methodically structured, arranged, and produced to heighten the listener’s emotional connection to the song and keep audiences coming back for more. You’ll gain a unique perspective into how today’s biggest hitmakers structure and arrange their songs for maximum impact.


This masterclass will cover:
  • Creating an engaging energy flow that keeps your listeners engaged from start to finish
  • Techniques for creating standout, attention-grabbing moments throughout the song
  • Strategically balancing repetition and contrast both within and across song sections
  • Selecting instruments and production elements that fit with both the song and today’s musical landscape
  • Current trends, techniques and best practices for maximizing audience connection value and engagement
  • Techniques for maximizing the impact of song sections including the intro, chorus, post-chorus and more
  • Strategically arranging hooks to ensure they stand out and connect
  • And much more!

Unlike most other masterclasses that are pre-recorded, this unique, hands-on, interactive masterclass is live, with plenty of time for your questions and discussions.


How will you benefit from attending this masterclass?

This masterclass will provide you with a new lens through which to objectively assess your music for maximum impact. You’ll also gain access to new tools that you can immediately start using to start crafting and arranging infectious choruses that will help your songs stand out on the hit song stage.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A new awareness of the arrangement patterns shaping today’s biggest hits
  • A new approach for combining your unique creativity with strategic songwriting and production decisions to maximize the impact of your songs
  • A toolbox of proven techniques that will help take your production skills to the next level
  • Proprietary Hit Songs Deconstructed materials that will help you objectively assess your songs and prime them for success


Your masterclass registration includes:
  • The live masterclass with plenty of time for your questions
  • The masterclass presentation deck
  • Access to HSD-Connect, the Hit Songs Deconstructed private, invitation-only community and network, where you can connect with past and present masterclass participants.
  • The video of the masterclass, which will be made available following the masterclass

Testimonials from Past Masterclass Participants

Your Masterclass Instructor

David Penn
Co-Founder, Hit Songs Deconstructed

David is a recognized expert in the craft and trends behind hit songs and has been featured by Billboard, Variety, Music Week, Canadian Musician Radio, BMI, Financial Times, and the Economist, to name a few. He also regularly guest lectures at top universities such as Berklee College of Music, NYU, and Frost School of Music, as well as at industry events such as Music Biz, DIY Musician Conference and others.
A music connoisseur of all time periods and genres, he is a “go-to” consultant for songwriters, producers, publishers and labels.

Decoding Hooks is for you if:

• You want to compete at the highest levels and attain continued commercial success
• You want new tools to evaluate your songs' strengths and weaknesses and help prime them for maximum impact
• You are ready to take the leap and combine your unique creativity with a little bit of science

By applying the techniques you learn during this masterclass to your music, you will take your writing and producing skills to the next level, regardless of the genre you’re working in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What knowledge of songwriting and music theory do I need to understand what is being taught?
A solid foundation in the basic craft of songwriting and music theory is highly recommended.

Who is this meant for?
Songwriters, producers, instrumentalists and A&R/Music Industry Professionals who have the goal of being involved in today’s mainstream music scene.

What is the basis for the material covered?
We will focus on recent Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hits.

How will the material be conveyed?
The presentation will feature a combination of audio examples, graphs, charts, commentary, and Logic Pro sessions to illustrate principals and techniques

Will the video of the live masterclass be available after the conclusion of the masterclass?
Yes, the video is posted to the masterclass portal after the masterclass concludes.

Limited Seats Available
Due to the intimate nature of this masterclass, there are limited seats available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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