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Premiere subscribers receive complimentary access to Hit Songs Deconstructed Virtual Workshops (valued at $299 each). To learn more about our Mastery Workshop, click here.

Hit Songs Deconstructed is the only online resource for data and analysis of hit songs at the compositional level. While other resources focus on hit song sales, air play, streams and engagement, we focus on the song themselves.

Why study the hits?

By studying today’s hits you become privy to the wealth of songwriting and production techniques that made these songs a success. You gain insight into HOW and WHY these songs are connecting with such a large audience.

A Hit Songs Deconstructed Premiere subscription gives you all of the impartial data and in-depth analysis of today’s hits that the PRO subscription includes, plus access to our interactive virtual workshops.

Join the elite group of songwriters, producers and music industry professionals who use Hit Songs Deconstructed to make informed songwriting, production and business decisions.

For $949/year, Premiere subscribers have access to:

Hit Songs Deconstructed Virtual Mastery Workshops (valued at $299 each):

Using the Hit Songs Deconstructed methodology, you will gain insight into the what, how and why behind the songs that land in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, with a special focus on Max Martin hits. The songwriting and production techniques covered will be conveyed in a practical manner through a combination of charts, graphs, notation, commentary, and of course lots of listening. Advanced knowledge of music theory is not required, however, a basic understanding of songwriting is highly recommended. At the conclusion of each segment, there will be ample time for your questions.

The Hit Songs Deconstructed PRO Report:

Take a deep dive into the what, how and why behind a current chart-topping hit. These exceptionally comprehensive reports feature a combination of impartial data and insightful analysis illustrated throughcharts, graphs and notation, and provide readers with an in-depth understanding of the hit songwriting and production techniques involved in crafting the song.

The Essentials Report:

Based on the Hit Songs Deconstructed PRO report, this streamlined version details high-level takeaways from the PRO Report.

The Genre Report:

Details the top compositional characteristics of each primary genre in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 during a specific quarter.

The Trend Report:

Details the compositional trends of the songs that charted in the Hot 100 across a four-quarter time period.

IMMERSION Searchable Database:

The ultimate hit songwriting and production research tool, IMMERSION is the Hit Songs Deconstructed searchable database.

  • The database houses the songs that have entered the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Every song in the database includes a one-page deconstruction detailing the key compositional characteristics (and more).
  • It offers over 200 searchable criteria, including compositional characteristics, production techniques, peak chart position and more.
  • Easily search for industry and compositional trends quarter over quarter and year over year.
  • Practically every field in the database is clickable! Click on any field to find songs that possess the same characteristic. Careful, once you go down the rabbit hole, it’s hard to come back!

Essentials PRO Premiere
The Hit Songs Deconstructed Report Essentials Edition
The Genre Report
IMMERSION Searchable Database
The Hit Songs Deconstructed Report PRO Edition
Trend Report
IMMERSION Trend Search
Unlimited Access to Virtual Workshops (value of $299 each)


  • Prince Charles Alexander
    Grammy Award winning producer, audio engineer, recording artist and professor, Music Production and Engineering, Berklee College of Music

    "It is such a great tool that I’m showcasing it in live forums at Berklee College of Music and looking forward to integrating it into the songwriting and music production curriculums."

  • The Hollywood Reporter

    "A new report on hit songwriting trends was published last week and some of its findings are fascinating!"

  • KC Porter
    Grammy winning producer/songwriter/recording artist Carlos Santana, Ricky Martin, Ozomatli, Boyz II Men, Selena

    "I am honestly blown away by the amount of information you provide on each of these songs, practically like a thesis deserving of a degree. From a songwriting standpoint, so much of this information is so helpful, and the time saving benefits are enormous."

  • Jason Blume
    Songwriter w/50 million album sales and top-selling author, Billboard Books

    "It’s an amazing tool – and one I highly recommend to my students and collaborators throughout the world."

  • Shalik Berry
    Vice President of A&R, Epic Records

    "I love the in-depth charts and explanations. I’m looking to incorporate some of your questions in my A&R style."

  • James R. Leach Jr.
    Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations/West Coast Operations, SESAC, Inc.

    "Great work in technically breaking down this song in a way that will help aspiring writers and producers! Keep up the great service!"

  • John Braheny
    Author of The Craft and Business of Songwriting

    "You have given songwriters a great new tool, the beauty of which is that it reflects current trends."

  • Eric Hurt
    Creative Director, Universal Music Publishing Group / Brentwood Benson

    "As a Creative Director for a large music publisher, I find the site VERY valuable. I’m a fan."

  • David Trotter
    Co-Founder, Creative Director, and Producer, Studio 51 Music

    "I highly recommend Hit Songs Deconstructed. It is an insightful and detailed description of the craft of writing hit music for today’s music markets. I read it every month to keep sharp, and ahead of the curve."